Trump Tweets “People Are Tired,” for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday aka The First Day of September.

There are 21 days left until the first day of Fall/Autumn.

There are 28 days until the first Presidential Debate.

There are 60 days left until Halloween.

There are…

For The First Day of September, President Fuss Budget has tweeted 5 times and retweeted 0 times so far.

For his first tweet he reminds American’s that he has zero clue about how our Constitution works, again.

I’m “people,” and what I’m tired of watching, is the idea that because someone plays a sport, their speech should be silenced.

I’m not saying we have to agree with their speech, but they–like we all are, are entitled to voice their opinion, rich, tall, fat, thin, crossed-eyed, famous, infamous, whatever the case may be, those persons are still afforded the right to Free Speech and protection from a government attempting to silence them.

We don’t have to stand for our flag, we don’t have to say the words “under God,” we don’t have to respect him just cause he’s President, that’s not how our country works. Well, it’s not supposed to be how it works.

Stand tall for our Country and our Flag!!!

Forced Patriotism =’s Fascism.

In his second tweet he wishes good luck to Steve Compton saying Compton is a “winner at everything he does.”

From the linked Los Angeles Times article.

Nexstar Media Group, the Irving, Texas-based TV station owner which acquired cable network WGN America as part of its 2019 purchase of Tribune Media, believes the shift to more talk and opinion on cable news has created an opportunity.
On Tuesday, the company will launch “NewsNation,” a nightly three-hour national prime time newscast (8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific) that promises a neutral, opinion-free presentation of the day’s events, on WGN America.

Los Angeles Times. 08/31/2020.

Steve Compton the executive vice president for WGN America believes there is a market for straight news shows as an evening alternative to Fox News shows such as Sean Hannity and CNN’s Don Lemon; Sean Hannity is not news,” said Compton. “He’s a friend of mine. I worked with him in radio for years. He’d get mad at me for saying that, but it’s true. Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon — that’s not news

They go on to explain that they realize given their goal of neutral political free, opinion free news, that their work will be under a microscope.

But they aren’t as the Times notes starting from nothing for example:

In my opinion, said with heavy irony: Covering both sides accurately is doable, being bias free, is not, it’s a human condition, we all suffer from it. I wish them good-luck, Trump’s push aside I do miss actual national news stories with just accurate quotes, not doctored videos, and less of the reporters opinions tossed in, it makes a fact-checkers work easier.

In this one case, I will follow Nancy Loo, and we shall give it go.

In his third tweet he denies reports that he suffered mini-strokes.

Michael Schmidt a Pulitzer Prize winner has a new book coming out that reveals Vice President Mike “I kiss the best Trump Ass,” Pence was placed on standby if President Emergency Trip to Walter Reed Hospital last Fall had to undergo a medical treatment in which he would be anesthetized. He continues that the Kiss Ass Vice President never had to take the role of the Presidency temporarily and the reason behind the emergency visit is still a mystery.

At the time, it was reported that his “emergency trip,” wasn’t an emergency at all but part one of his year annual physical.

For What It’s Worth.

March 3rd, 2020.

This is just a fun montage of the President I’m Fine, Really’s, inability to speak.

For his fourth tweet President Really Has No Clue reminds us that he’s going to Kenosha, Wisconsin today against the requests to stay away by local officials there, including the Governor.

I can’t even take it away Alienmotives…@ the News Blender.

For his last tweet so far President Nose Sticker sticks his nose into college football and whether or not college kids should play ball even during a pandemic.

In other news:

Following President Wannabe’s rambling “press conference,” in which he defended an alleged supporter who killed two people and wounded a third person, the Wannabe Dictator sat down with Fox News Show host, Laura Ingraham and said crazy shit, so crazy she attempted to reel him back in.

In the first clip “Portland has been burning for many years–for decades it’s been burning.”

In this clip he says that anarchists are easier to handle, because the anarchists in Portland are “paid anarchists.”

In this clip he laments that some “people in the dark shadows,” are pulling Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden’s strings. He proceeds to tell a story about how “we had someone get on a plane from a certain city this weekend,” he goes on to explain that “and in the plane it was almost completely loaded with thugs,” wearing black or dark “uniforms.”

The “thugs,” he says “are under investigation,” so he can’t tell Ingraham, what city or who the someone on the plane was.

He picks up the story there saying, “but they came from a certain city, and this person was coming to the Republican National Convention.”

Narrator: The Republican National Convention was August 24th-the 27th, “this weekend,” was August 29th and 30th.

“And there were like Seven people on the plane like this person.”

Narrator: Possibly means like the someone they had on the plane.

“And they had a lot of people on the plane coming to do big damage. They were coming to [Ingraham: heading for Washington] “Yeah, this was all happening.”

He ends his bizarro world story when prompted by Ingraham that the money is coming from “some very stupid rich people.”

Early Monday, Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul (R) said: they flew here on a plane to Trump and Friends, Steve Doocey.

He also says, that had the police not been there, he and his wife would have been killed.

Narrator: I guess now we know a plane full of thugs, means six people dressed in black uniforms.

To women voters he says he has to be aggressive because he is in a sea of “incompetency,” and stupid people. He then goes on to lament about the “race riots,” during the Obama years. He says women want safety and security and they know they will get that from him and not Biden.

Narrator: As a woman, can I just say, his tone isn’t my problem, at least not my biggest problem with President Shit for Brains, it’s because he has shit for brains, he’s the Sea of Incompetency and the stupid people he whines about. It’s not others that are his problem, it’s his own self. I don’t like him, I don’t trust him, and he is not fit for office.

In this clip he decides to try and compare a golfer missing a putt to police officers using excessive force, such as shooting a man in the back 7 times, Ingraham try’s to derail that thought train by saying, “You aren’t comparing it to golf, cause the media.”

He says in response “they choke.”

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