Trump Tweets “ROGUE from TENNESSEE” for Tuesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Tuesday aka September 22nd, 2020.

For September 22nd, 2020, President Impeached has tweeted 5 times and retweeted 10 times so far.

In his first tweet President Old News is News to Me, shared a Senator Rand Paul tweet from September 9th, 2020.

The New York Times reported at the time that while “Mr. Trump has withdrawn several thousand troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, he has ordered nearly twice that many, about 14,000 forces, to the Persian Gulf region in the past year or so in response to Iranian attacks and provocations.”

President Old News is News to Me moves on to share business news based on a Fox Business chyron.

According to “Production of the all-new 2021 Nissan Rogue is officially underway at the award-winning Nissan Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant in Tennessee.”

They also explain; Rogue has been in production at Smyrna Vehicle Assembly plant since 2013. The plant employs 7,000 people who have built more than 14 million vehicles since opening in 1983, with Rogue accounting for nearly 1.1 million of those vehicles.

President Who Supports Only Red States showed his support for Only Red States with his 3rd tweet for Tuesday.

Remember when Republicans trashed President Obama as being the “divider in chief?”

This kind of tweet, is my least favorite. His goal is to keep us angry, defeated, and divided, if we don’t support him 100 percent, we are nobodies, we matter zero to him.

In short, these kinds of statements by a sitting President seeking another four-years, proves they are unfit for the office in which they hold.

He announces that he plans to announce his nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Saturday.

Chances are the announcement will come sometime during prime-time with the name of the pick, leaked, sometime on Saturday, if not sooner.

As the News Blender covered Senator from Utah Republican Mitt Romney has announced he plans to support the nomination process.

In his last tweet so far for Tuesday, he says it’s great that Vice President nominee Senator Kamala Harris appears to be poised to become the leading figure in opposing President Asshole’s Supreme Court Nominee.

The whole ABC News article is based on what other Democratic Senators are saying and a tweet Harris posted on September 19th, 2020.

You guessed it, there is another campaign rally scheduled for this evening. I plan on giving it a miss, simply because he has had several and continues to only repeat the same bullshit. Over and Over.

This post might be updated.

This is an open thread

There are seven days left before the first Presidential Debate between Trump and Biden.

In other very sad but not unexpected news, we have officially according to Johns Hopkins University reached 200,000 American’s dead due to the coronavirus.

May God Rest their souls.

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