Watch Live: Trump Press Rally 09/16/2020

President Trump Speaking from Phoenix, AZ, 6/23/2020. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

And since the Head Fool, can’t ever be on time for anything…

Deleted the tweet shortly before issuing the new times.

But but but wait!

No chaos…nope, not even a little.

We all know the drill, the coronavirus is almost over, we test more, our death toll could’ve been worse, what about Biden?, its them horrible Democratic run cities, who are only staying shut down to hurt me politically…blah blah blah.

If he takes questions:

I’m sure he’ll be asked about his latest “historic,” peace deal.

He’ll likely be asked about the latest positive covid-19 tests coming out of the White House.

Plus the latest crazy from campaign person turned Trump Administrator Michael Caputo.

He’ll probably be asked about more fallout over Bob Woodward’s Tapes and the book Rage.

For example:

If he lasts that long, he’ll most likely face questions regarding his town hall hosted by ABC on Tuesday.

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PBS NewsHour.

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