Are you in the BoB?

I thought I would do a service to the community and spend a little time giving some advice on how you might know if you are in the BoB. The following list of indications should help in that regard, although it is absolutely not an all-encompassing list.

Let’s get to it.

You might be living in the Bubble of Bullshit if….

…you believe that Hunter Biden has cashed in on his father’s successes more than all of the Trump kids and even Donald himself has.

…you believe that Joe Biden is more frail than Trump.

…you believe that Biden displays anywhere near the amount of mental incapacities as Trump does.

…you believe that Biden utters verbal gaffes more than Trump does.

…you believe that the Mueller Report exonerated Trump and proved there was never any wrongdoing by him or anyone in his campaign.

…you believe that the impeachment was all a Democrat hoax about a perfect phone call that Trump made.

…you believe that the stock market has never done better than what it’s done with Trump.

…you believe that Trump created the best economy in the history of the world.

…you believe that Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

…you believe that Melania Trump is the classiest First Lady ever.

…you believe that any of the Trump kids are qualified or fit to be anywhere near the White House.

…you believe that Trump loves and admires those who serve in the military.

…you believe Trump was a great businessman.

…you believe Trump is an honest person.

…you believe Trump is sacrificing a lot in order to selflessly serve America.

…you believe that China is paying billions of dollars in tariffs.

…you believe Trump has done all anyone could do to protect and fight COVID.

…you believe Trump’s so-called ban on travel from China did any good at all in preventing the introduction and spread of the virus in America.

…you believe Trump’s actions with the pandemic has saved millions of lives.

…you believe that the rest of the world respects America more today with Trump in charge.

…you believe that Antifa is going to destroy your suburbs if Biden gets elected.

…you believe that all of the BLM protesters are anti-American, looting thugs.

…you believe the Republicans are defending the Constitution.

…you believe all of our problems are caused by illegal immigrants and other countries treating us badly.

…you believe removing statues of confederate “heroes” is rewriting history.

…you believe that all of the former Trump admin people who have left and are now saying negative things about Trump are just “disgruntled former employees”.

…you believe that all of the left leaning news outlets are totally FAKE NEWS and make up negative stories about Trump out of the blue.

…you believe that COVID hasn’t really killed nearly as many people as being reported and that the real number is probably less than 10,000.

…you believe that masks don’t work to help slow the spread of the virus.

…you believe that herd immunity through spreading the virus naturally is a viable option that we should pursue.

…you believe that Trump cares about anything or anyone other than himself.

I could go on and on, but I’d like to leave some for others to add in the comments. Let’s see how many we can list.

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