Trump Tweets: So Far Nothing for Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday aka Day 1 of President Quarantine’s Quarantine.

For Day 1 of President Quarantine’s Quarantine President Quarantined has tweeted 0 times and retweeted 0 times so far…

As the News Blender reported overnight, he announced via tweet that he and his wife First Lady Give me a Fucking Break had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The fallout.

News is moving very quickly this Friday morning.

Vice President Robot and his wife tested negative for the virus this morning.

Current Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has reportedly also tested negative.

An official has told CNN that RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel has tested positive for the coronavirus and is experiencing mild symptoms.

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows spoke with reporters this morning, maskless, because he’s a moron too.

If the timeline is accurate, President Gives No Shits traveled to New Jersey after he discovered he was exposed to the virus. In light of Gives No Shits traveling to New Jersey to fund-raise the Governor of New Jersey is asking all of those that attended to get tested and self-quarantine.

Prior to the above tweet Murphy did express his wishes that Dummy and his wife recover quickly.

Meadows also reported that President Under the Weather has mild symptoms.

Bloomberg is reporting that on Wednesday close aides feared that President Has Taken Ill was ill.

It’s also being reported that there is panic inside the White House, with Meadows telling the reporters he expects more positive cases in the days ahead.

Team Trump 2020 Campaign Manager sent an email informing campaign staff that anyone who’s had contact with a person now positive for the coronavirus should isolate themselves.

The news as I say is coming at us fast today, Senator Mike Lee of Utah has announced he has tested positive for the virus.

Lee was in attendance on Saturday for the Supreme Court nominee announcement.

Moving-on to Democratic Presidential Candidate former Vice President Joe Biden.

He offered his thoughts and prayers that both President Spreader and his Wife recover quickly.

Politico has reported that Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, along with others that attended Tuesday nights debate that they will all be tested for the virus.

So far according to Politico Senator Chris Coons and Rep. Tim Ryan have tested negative. Ryan expressed his anger at those on Team Trump’s guest list for not wearing masks inside the venue during the debate.

They are also reporting that Harris has tested negative.

It’s also been confirmed that the White House did not reach out to the Biden Campaign when they discovered that Hicks had tested positive for the virus.

I’m gonna stop there, I could seriously just keep on, but as I say the news is coming in fast, and as of 12:05 p.m. D.C., time, President Lives by Twitter still hasn’t tweeted.

This post might be updated.

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