Watch Live: Trump to Announce his Supreme Court Nominee

White House Rose Garden March 17,2020. Photo By Andrea Hanks.

With the vacancy left with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Giant Ass Hat announced via Twitter on Tuesday that he would be announcing his nominee on Saturday.

According to his public schedule the announcement is scheduled to take place at 5 p.m. D.C., time.

After the announcement he is departing D.C., in order to travel to PA, for another campaign rally.

CNN and other outlets reported on Friday that he attends to nominate Amy Coney Barrett. These outlets also caution that because it’s President Inconsistent he might pick someone else, but given he hasn’t interviewed anyone else this week, just Barrett, it’s probably her.

Judge Barrett in her three-years as a 7th Circuit Judge has written roughly 100 opinions, this includes both concurrences and dissents.

Regardless of who the nominee turns out to be [it’s Barrett she was shortlisted before when Kennedy retired] the Senate Republicans have decided that they being the giant flaming hypocrites they are, will push for a fast confirmation placing her on the bench before the election.

As CNN explained; A push to confirm a high court justice with only 39 days until a presidential election would put the Senate on track for one of the quickest confirmations in modern history. No Supreme Court nominee has ever been confirmed after the month of July during a presidential election year.

At this point, their hypocrisy and double standard should shock no-one.

Live Feeds for the announcement.

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