Still No Fear

Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Photos by Gage Skidmore. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

I wrote a piece back on September 10 entitled “No Fear“. I explained why Trump could not win the election, but that Biden could lose it. I wrote it back then because I didn’t want to seem like I was spouting off some tripe today about my confidence. My confidence has been on display for months, and my predictions have been borne out.

“This is all known and expected. What has been ignored by many, because we’ve lived through much of it and have grown calloused, is the effect of Trump’s daily repudiation of reality.
“Trump’s methodology has resulted in daily abuses up and down the chain of command. These are the stories which are being released now… whether from the top, in the form of books by Bolton, Woodward, Cohen and others, or from the bottom, in the form of whistleblowers and news reports. The deluge of corruption stories hasn’t culminated, it’s just beginning, and it was as predictable as October following September.”

Setting aside his catching COVID-19 and RBG’s death, we’ve seen exposes of his taxes, the revelation that child separation was planned specifically to terrorize potential refugees (and that hundreds of those children cannot be found), Melania badmouthing Christmas and dozens of other offenses, great and small, adding in to the daily offenses that he creates.

No, Trump is not going to win his election today. I also would like to stymie lesser successes for him.

Trump will claim some measure of accomplishment if he can remain front of mind for everyone – those who adore him and those who despise him. He has not earned that attention. He gets it now because of the power of the Presidency. When that has been removed, his memory should not be allowed to dominate our lives or our discourse. His abuses should not be forgotten, but neither can they be allowed to pollute our relationships or our lives.

Continuing to cause damage after he has been removed from the Presidency would be only a small victory for Trump but I am disinclined to afford him even that. Trump’s legacy is division and hate, and I’m partial to denying him.

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