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This will be the fourth time we’ve featured something by the entertainment duo Rhett & Link. Maybe because of Covid quarantine we’ve been at the mercy of our kid’s TV viewing habits. It might be because with multiple shows, podcasts, books, and independent videos, they’re everywhere on the internet. It might simply be that they are just entertaining. Whatever the case, their documentary LOOKING FOR MS. LOCKLEAR (2008) is the kind of sweet and pure entertainment we need around now.

The duo met in their first grade class at a rural North Carolina school. On the first day, both boys got in trouble for writing naughty words on their desks. Their teacher, Miss Locklear, kept them in from recess as a punishment and made them do coloring books of mythical creatures (hence where they got the name for their main show, GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING). Twenty plus years later the two have gone on to be a successful comedy and producing duo. They wanted to go back and thank their old teacher for introducing them and starting them on their road to success.

Nowadays, that could have been an easy job. Just a few Google clicks and they’d be able to find out if she was at the same school or if she’d moved on. To make the movie more interesting they decided to do the whole thing by word-of-mouth. It helps they started their search in Buies Creek, a rural town of about 2500. Folks are more likely to know someone who might know someone who once knew….Their searches take them through a would-be music star who lost his spark when his son died, a male beauty pageant, a fight all the way to the capital for the Lumbee tribe to seek federal recognition, and eventually to finding the woman who started it all.

This is a simple, straightforward documentary. That doesn’t mean it isn’t entertaining. It is, and it’s the non-saccharine sweetness we could use nowadays:

Question of the night: who was your favorite teacher?

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