What Fresh Hell is This? Friday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Friday aka Thanksgiving is 6 Days Away…can you believe it? Me neither.

What Fresh Hell is This?, has entered it’s 17th day.

For What Fresh Hell is This?, Day 17, President Lost the Plot Ages Ago, has tweeted 9 times and retweeted 7 times so far.

7:12 a.m. D.C., time.

1. While Rome is burning, the Sitting Loser is promoting a book by super fan Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Nestor’s Daddy’s tweet was sent at 11:34 p.m. D.C., time, on Thursday.

2. Says the election was rigged.

The election was not rigged.
Powell is a crazy chick with crazier theories, like Hugo Chavez played a role from beyond the grave to give President-Elect Biden a 2020 Presidential Election win. Chavez died 7 years before this win, but, dictators gonna dictate I guess.

While I understand we shouldn’t dismiss the crazies, as they are the “elite strike force,” of the Outgoing Idiot, I struggle to think beyond the hair dye running off Rudy’s face, or the control room guys, flashing passwords on the screen and laughing at the hair dye running down Rudy’s face.

In other news related to the affidavits shared by Rudy and his Crack Pots.

Jonathan Adler explains that an expert used from Texas, confused Minnesota (MN) with Michigan (MI) in providing his statistical information that proves voter fraud happened.

7:18 a.m. D.C., time.

3. Calls the election he lost a HOAX.

As far the Wisconsin chart that President One-Term Dummy shared on Wednesday at 8:22 p.m. D.C., time.

Speaking of Michigan…

7:21 a.m. D.C., time.

4. As coronavirus cases spike burdening hospitals, as cities, counties, and states attempt to stop the massive spike being seen in both blue states and red states, Dummy assures his fans that no lockdowns will happen, accept by Democrat governors.

For What It’s Worth.

7:52 a.m. D.C., time.

5. Is mad at Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT).

He’s mad because Romney finally used stronger words to call out the Sitting I Lost, But I Don’t Wanna Leave Asshole, for being an asshole.

I’m torn. Shocking I know.
But, he didn’t name him. I think there is power in the name, hence how come I try hard to avoid using President Trump, instead I use childish nicknames to give President Trump less power. Anyway, the statement is good, it’s a little late but good for him, but at the same time my inner childish voice is saying: Say. His. Name. Bitch.

7:56 a.m. D.C., time.

6. While still watching Fox News, he’s pleased their ratings are suffering.

8:01 a.m. D.C., time.

7. Tells his “sister” thanks.

If you click the link provided by Wayne Dupree you are told:

8:35 a.m. D.C., time.

8. Election was a HOAX, part deux.

8:53 a.m. D.C., time.

9. Shares a Breitbart article.

In the bizarre “press” event Rudy tells us about an affidavit filed by an election worker in Detroit who claims they were taught how to cheat for President-Elect Biden.

This affidavit appeared in court.

Also, on Tuesday before a federal Judge in Pennsylvania Rudy said that it wasn’t “a fraud case.”

Speaking of PA…


He’s tweeted 1 more time and retweet 1 more time.

1:23 p.m. D.C., time.

10. Announces he’s going to have fawning from his cabinet peeps disguised as a “News Conference.”

This will be his second press event since his election loss. At his event on Friday the 13th, he took no questions. Because the One-Term Loser avoided press questions, I will provide live-feeds in this article versus providing a separate thread. You’re welcome.

Live Feed(s).

The White House.

Bloomberg QuickTake Now.

Fox Business.

The event is suppose to start at 2:30 p.m. D.C., time, but will likely start closer to 3 p.m. D.C., time.

This post might be updated.

This is an Open Thread.

In other news:

Our Press liar held a “press briefing”

And it’s official:

This many more sleeps until:

10 years from now:

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