Biden’s First 100 Day’s; Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday!

It’s Day 9 of President Biden’s first 100 day’s in office, today, instead of signing his immigration Executive Orders/Actions/Memorandum’s, President Biden will receive his daily brief, followed by a receiving a joint economic briefing with Vice President Harris, he will then lunch with VP Harris, before he travels to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Asked why the President was traveling to Walter Reed, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale said, “to visit with wounded service members”.

In Not Surprising News.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that according to defense officials Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has “suspended the onboarding process for several last-minute Trump administration nominees to Pentagon advisory boards”.

Former Trump Campaign Manager Cory Lewandowski and his former Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie, are among those appointees affected by the pause, which could effectively prevent them from being seated on to the Defense Business Board, “an unpaid group which is intended to provide the defense secretary and other leaders with private-sector advice on business practices”.

Politico was the first to report the news of the suspension via an email obtained by Politico and confirmed by two people familiar with the matter.

From Politico:

The freeze announced on Wednesday pertains only to appointees who have not yet been sworn in or have completed all the required paperwork, the people said. Several new board members, including Earl Matthews and Anthony Tata, were sworn in on Jan. 19 after pressure from the White House to push through as many appointees as possible before President Joe Biden’s inauguration. But others, including Lewandowski and Bossie, were still undergoing a lengthy financial disclosure and security clearance process that normally takes weeks or months, according to the people familiar.

It was not immediately clear whether the Pentagon planned to take any action against those who have been onboarded, but theBiden team is looking into whether it can replace dozens of Trump’s last-minute appointments to boards and commissions across the U.S. government.

Politico. 01/29/2021.

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby said in a statement; The Secretary, as you would expect, is reviewing current policies in place across the Department to determine if any changes are necessary, to include the advisory boards. No final decisions have been made with respect to board membership. But we will make the information available should that change.

In Insurrection News.

Huff Post senior justice reporter Ryan Reilly, reported via tweet on late Thursday that the feds have charged Nate Degrave in connection to the attack on the Capitol.

The above tweets are not the whole thread.

Buzzfeed senior reporter Zoe Tillman is reporting that a judge has ordered the detention for Matthew Miller. He is accused of “deploying a fire extinguisher at police during the Capitol insurrection”.

In Executive Order/Action/Memorandum News.

CNN has published a break down of the 42 actions taken so far by President Biden, by topic.

To read more details on the actions taken so far @ White

For what it’s worth; I’ve been unable to locate her exact quote, but in today’s daily brief Press Secretary Jen Pskai said, as early as Tuesday next week President Biden will sign several orders regarding immigration.

Happy Friday!!!!!!

Everyone have a great one, mask-up, social distance, and wash your hands!

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