Republicans Want to Move On

I’m shocked (SHOCKED!) that Republican senators don’t want to explore the impeachment details.

I wonder why 45 Republican senators do not want an impeachment trial? Can anyone guess? Is it because they are just so desperate for unity? Is it because they really think it’s unconstitutional to do it after a President is out of office? Is it because they don’t really believe the President did as charged?

Nope, of course it’s none of that. I could spend an hour listing all of the evidence that makes it indisputably and abundantly clear that all of those reasons are total nonsense. I’m not going to list them all here, but if anyone wants to go down that road, I’d be happy to.

The real reason is obvious. Trump was impeached on the charge of inciting the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol during a joint session of congress in an attempt to disrupt and overturn the election (and many people were injured and died as a result). The evidence of that charge is all of the lies that he told during the two months (and prior) since the election, working the crowds into a frenzy that culminated in the Jan. 6 rage-filled attack.

Here’s the problem for the Republican Senators. Many of them were also peddling the same lies that Trump was. If they admit that what Trump did was wrong and actually incited the insurrection, then they are also admitting that they are complicit in that by their own words and actions.

They were (still are) accomplices in the crime.

Let that sink in.

Now, how screwed up is it that so many of them who did the same thing that Trump did are now in the position of judging Trump’s guilt? They know full well that if they declare him guilty, then they are also admitting their own guilt. Would they not be implicating themselves in that case and opening themselves up to actual criminal charges?

In a sane world, any Senator that can be shown to have participated at all in the lies that Trump was telling, which is the basis of the incitement charge that he was actually impeached for, should be required to sit this one out. Otherwise, it’s like having the members of a gang sitting as jurors for a trial of their gang leader when they all played a part in a bank robbery.

Immediately after the insurrection, there were a lot of these Republicans coming out with statements that were very harsh against Trump, indicating that they were, indeed, very open to impeachment. However, as the dust started to settle and the impeachment actually happened, they have now realized what the ramifications are for themselves if they do anything to hold Trump accountable.

Of course they all want this to just go away.

Our system of checks and balances is badly broken.

Some people have asked me if I am at all regretting my vote for Biden, in light of some of the quick actions that he has taken with his Executive Orders that would be considered “leftist”. Although I don’t agree with everything he has done in that regard, I don’t regret my vote one bit.

Every day, the current Republican officeholders make me feel better and better about my vote for Biden.

There are much bigger issues at stake here than a few policy disagreements. We were, literally, on the verge of losing our Republic. With just a few changes in a few key positions, Trump could have easily been successful in his attempt to actually steal the election. That’s a very scary realization. If only he had replaced Barr sooner as the AG with someone willing to go along with his plan…if only he had replaced the U.S. Attorneys in key places around the country who would have given his lies credibility…if only he had made sure the Governors and SoS positions in key “battleground” states were willing to do whatever it takes to keep power…if only he had made a few more high-pressured, threatening phone calls to the right judges…these are all things that the next Trump will consider.

Mona Charen, a long-time, respected conservative voice (who is now hated by Trumpists, of course, because she could never support Trump and Trumpism), expresses my viewpoint very well in her latest piece:

Republicans Make Me Proud I Voted for Biden
Their expeditions to new depths of sycophancy and recklessness make mere policy disagreements trivial.

I also recommend viewing the newly released Frontline documentary, “Trump’s American Carnage”, which lays everything out very well, starting from Trump’s first entry into the Republican primaries in 2016 all the way through the Jan. 6 insurrection:

Accountability must happen. Our Republic depends on it. This is not a partisan issue. It is an existential issue to attempt to preserve the bedrock of our unique American experiment. The problem is that we have nearly half the country that sincerely believes that the left’s progressive march toward more and more socialism is also an existential threat to our unique American experiment. I don’t disagree with that position, although my perceptions have gone through a massive paradigm shift in the past 4 years.

We can debate those issues.

But I am 100% confident that Trump and Trumpism is not the answer and what is going on in the Republican Party right now is a much bigger, imminent threat than Biden and the Democrats are.

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