Trump is Still Your President

Official Portrait, President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States. White House Photo.

Trump is still your President.

And that is insane.

There is absolutely no doubt that the sitting President of the United States incited an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol while Congress was in a joint session performing their actual constitutionally mandated processes of our beloved republic, in a blatant attempt to actually overturn an election that he lost and to attempt to keep himself in power.

And people died in the process.

Read that again.

The evidence of this is overwhelming, and when it is finally fully exposed, as it most definitely will be, the vast majority of the people in this nation will believe and understand it, including probably half of the Republican voters who are still questioning it today (there will always be a percentage that will never accept reality).

Many lawmakers, including Republicans who have always protected and covered for Trump, are admitting this. Many people that work closely with Trump, including a number of Cabinet members are resigning because they know this to be true. Even Trump’s biggest defender and protector, former AG Barr has stated as much.

Let’s be clear, the garbage that Trump and his minions have been spewing about the “stolen election” have all been lies. From the beginning, and even before the actual election occurred. It was obvious, it was blatant, and it was intentional.

When the entire, full case of Trump’s seditious activities against our constitutional republic are laid bare, it will all be very clear. And make no mistake, it will all come out. This was guaranteed by the shocking result of the special election in Georgia last week. The Senate will no longer be able to help hide and cover up Trump’s activities, as they did with the Mueller investigation and the impeachment trial. Which, by the way, we will also be getting to the bottom of now.

The truth will come out. It needs to come out. And when it does, people need to be held to account for their actions.

That is the only way to begin to unify our nation.

We have a lot of Republicans coming out right now suggesting that we should just move on and not pursue actions against Trump in order to pursue unity. That’s bullshit. If we do not fully expose all of the lies and the corrupt, criminal, seditious activity that has occurred, not only in the last couple of months, but also during the last four years, we will continue to be more divided than ever.

Right now, most Republicans believe what they are being told by Trump and the “conservative” media voices, and by many of the Republican officeholders. As long as that is the case, they will believe that they were wronged, that the election was actually stolen by the Democrats, that Biden is not a legitimately elected President. This will make matters worse going forward. Because they currently believe all of these lies, they are following all of the liars to places like Parler and other social media outlets where they will be able to continue the demagoguery full-force and worse than ever.

This will not unify the country. This will not heal the nation.

The only thing that will begin to heal and unify is a full exposure of everything, once and for all. And it needs to begin now.

It is insane that Trump is still in office today. The people that have the power to fix that, know the truth as I described it above. As they did with Nixon, there should have already been a team of leaders that have marched to the Oval Office and demanded Trump’s resignation, effective immediately.

We simply cannot allow a President who has incited a mob in a seditious insurrection that stormed and took over the U.S. Capitol at any time, let alone during a joint session of Congress, and killed numerous people, in order to keep himself in power, to remain in office for a second longer than it takes to say, “enough is enough”.

Period. End of story.

Trump should be forced to resign or be removed via the 25th Amendment today. He should then be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate to ensure that he can no longer run for or hold office again. And he should then be indicted and prosecuted for his crimes. Those who were complicit in the lies and the resulting attempt to overturn our election should also be held to account. Details of that will certainly come out as we open everything up to the sunlight of truth.

This is the only way to heal and unify the country (to the extent that is possible). After the entire, sordid, truth is exposed, we will have more people in agreement on this than we otherwise would. Yes, there will still be a faction of Trump supporters who will never accept the truth, and they will be mad as hell, but we cannot allow ourselves to cater to that. They will be relegated to an inconsequential minority.

If we try to sweep this all under the rug, things will get worse. Our cherished constitutional republic, the grand, exceptional, unique American experiment will be doomed.

Going forward, it is my wish that every American that loves this country, people of all political beliefs, will seriously consider taking a very personal deep-dive into how they get their information, who they trust to provide it, and how they process it in a critical manner. I beg of you to do so.

If you are spending your entire day listening to political, opinion talk radio and then your evening watching prime-time opinion “news” channel shows, and then supplementing all of that by visiting one-sided, opinionated partisan pundits’ websites (whose livelihoods largely depend on ginning up outrage), and then claiming that you are well-informed and the “other guys” are ignorant, you are doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, this is the wrong way to get your information and your viewpoints. I hope that you will take a good look at your own methods of getting information and seriously consider this.

Ultimately, all of our issues are the responsibility of the people. In our system of self-government, the people are sovereign, meaning we have ultimate power. But please understand that “the people” is not a band of Trump supporters at a rally. “The people”, in our system, are ALL of the people. On November 3, 2020, “the people” voted for Biden to be our next President, just as “the people” voted for Trump to be President in 2016. Period. If you cannot accept that, and choose to believe in the lies, the conspiracy theories, and the demagoguery because of the way you obtain and process information, you are the problem.

Enough is enough.

We need to be better citizens.

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