Happy Memorial Day?

Is it appropriate to wish “Happy Memorial Day”?

Personally, I’m not going to get all bent out of shape about it. I can see where a case can be made both ways.

Of course, there is no doubt about what this holiday is about and that each and every one of us should take some time to reflect upon how we are able to even consider having a happy long weekend, let alone whether we should wish that upon each other.

Memorial Day is a time to acknowledge and appreciate all of those who have lost their lives in the pursuit of obtaining and preserving the freedoms that we enjoy so much.

So what better way is there to do that than for the entire nation to take off for a long weekend and attempt to enjoy that freedom as much as we can, while at the same time, thinking about the reason we are able to do so?

It is entirely possible to enjoy a long weekend and have fun and at the same time, acknowledge and thank those who have made it possible. These are not mutually exclusive concepts.

In fact, pretty much every person I know, conservative or liberal, is doing just that.

So, yeah, spare me the outrage from the usual suspects on the right who have been pillaring VP Harris about wishing everyone a happy long weekend.

I do believe her tweet was a stupid tweet, but not for wishing people a happy weekend. Rather, it was stupid because she made the focus of it a huge, close-up photo of herself. In my view, if it had been a photo of a family enjoying the weekend, I think it would have been fine.

Still, those who are criticizing her have no standing to do so. These are the same people who looked the other way, denied, and covered for all of Trump’s insanely foolish messages and actions on Memorial Day and many other times.

In Trump’s case, his messages were disgustingly political and completely inappropriate. In one of them, he even suggested that those who sacrificed their lives for our country would be very happy in all that Trump did to make it great. Not a peep from the right about that, and then such outrage when Harris wished everyone a great weekend.

Don’t even get me started on the message that one of their big heroes (former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn) is spewing during Memorial Day weekend. This guy, who Trump supporters routinely praise as a hero, is suggesting that we should have a Myanmar-style military coup right here on our Republic, while he’s cheered at a Q-anon laden event, completely contrary to everything all of our fallen fought for and that we are observing on this Memorial Day. Any peep from all those righteous assholes that were so outraged by Harris wishing people a great long weekend?

I am so tired of all of the intellectually dishonest nonsense.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and spent a bit of time reflecting on why we are so fortunate to do so.

Is that such a difficult concept?

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