The Big Lie That Won’t Die for Sunday’s Open Thread

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Here we are kids on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021, months after the 2020 Presidential Election, where President Biden- then-candidate Biden beat the incumbent dummy still being subjected to “The Big Lie.”

The Big Lie, for folks living under rocks and hermits in caves states that President Biden is only President cause fraud, massive amounts of it, with China sending boat loads of ballots to our shores.

A bit of background on today’s topic. It’s Sunday as I already said, this morning I got up, opened the Night Owl and found this…

Paul Gosar is a Republican Congressman from Arizona. He says in the 17 second clip; And people that were coming to me from securities exchange fraud departments and from the military fraud estimate that between 400,000 to 700,000 ballots were altered in the state of Arizona.

My left-eye, which I call my fact-checking eye, auto twitched and in my head because I’m rational, mostly, I began to think, oh, that can’t possibly be something current, because who the fuck says shit like that now, 5 months after the big lie was exposed and debunked. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be shocked, considering the current path the R’s are on, but still, it’s 5 months later…

Anyhoo, I sipping my first cup of coffee traveled to YouTube and found that yes, indeed, the stupid being said by a sitting Member of Congress was just said on Friday, May 21st, 2021 to a room full, a small room, but still, a room full of people cheering him, Rep. Matt “Imma Putz” Gaetz and Crazy Pants MTG, at an America First rally from Mesa, Arizona.

I found one crappy copy posted by MAAP Media on YouTube that is 10 minutes and 40 seconds long. I will not be embedding this video, just linking it. Gosar says other stupid stuff, including bashing Dominion voting machines, and saying that “there was fraud in this election.” The remarks shared in the 17 second clip happens at the 9 minute and 7 second mark of the linked crappy copy.

Gosar: And people that were coming to me from securities exchange fraud departments and from the military fraud estimate that between 400,000 to 700,000 ballots were altered in the state of Arizona. But you know the thing about it is? We want the truth.

Yep, that’s right, he says we “want the truth,” without irony.

Well, that clip led me to this clip…


So May 21st, 2021, she defends her comments on tape, those awful comments she made, on tape, about how masks policies were just like Jews forced to wear gold stars, and taken to gas chambers, but on May 22nd, 2021…

It was all a lie…yeah, okay.

Since I’m already late with the post, shocking zero people, I spent about an hour of my morning trying to find, something, anything fun, not politics related, but because I’m me, I just couldn’t let it go…because like it or not, these assholes have supporters and are sitting members of Congress.

Also, I’d like to point out that in the May 21st, 2021, defense clip before it was all a lie tweet, she utters the stupidest line; Nobody should be treated like a second class citizen for saying I don’t need to wear a mask or saying that my medical records or my privacy based on my HIPAA rights and so I standby by all of my statements, I said nothing wrong.

HIPAA bars doctors or the medical professional from disclosing our medical history or records to the public or someone not ourselves or caregivers. If someone asks us if we are vaccinated they are not violating HIPAA. As you are the patient. You can say I refuse to answer, yes, or no, but HIPAA does not bar a person from asking you if you’ve been vaccinated.

For What It’s Worth.

The above searching and finding also led me to CNN fact-checker and News Blender favorite, Daniel Dale who penned this article…

This is an open thread

Happy Sunday, maybe next weekend, I’ll find something humorous to share…*fingers crossed*.

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