President Biden Tweets for Monday’s Open Thread

Pardon Our Mess. Photo by Marty Mankins.

It’s Monday aka the day after the 4th of July.

Hopefully, we all survived the 4th of July and are only slightly hungover.

For July 5th, 2021, President Biden doesn’t appear to have a public schedule for today.

President Biden has tweeted so far 1 time for Monday. I’ll be sharing that down the thread.

When Friday’s Open Thread was posted President Biden had 5 tweets and had no retweets. He added 4 more tweets giving him a Friday Tweeting Total of 9 tweets and 0 retweets.

One of his Friday tweets ties into 2 of his Saturday tweets, I’ll be sharing that tweet down thread.

As the News Blender featured on Friday, President Biden offered remarks regarding the June Jobs Report. The White House posted a transcript of those remarks.

President Biden: Instead of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scarce, employers are competing with each other to attract workers.  That kind of competition in the market doesn’t just give workers more ability to earn higher wages; it also gives them the power to demand to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. 

I rate the above chart sort of accurate. I added up the jobs reports from February-June and got 2.9 million jobs. I did not include January as President Biden was sworn in mid-January 2021. You can find the monthly job reports here.

Why do I rate it “sort of accurate?”

Well a couple of things:

One, a President himself does not create the “economy,” yes, it’s fair to say a President can pull strings to help or hinder the economy but overall, they do not in fact create job growth.

Two, the jobs “added” is a bit of a hedge, until we are fully 100 percent reopened, until the pandemic is well and truly behind us (it’s not behind us now, and acting otherwise is foolish) the jobs created or added are mixed in with people just returning to their old jobs, these aren’t actually “new” jobs, they are just old jobs coming back.

This doesn’t mean the economy isn’t better today than it was last year or even last month, it is better, some prices aka inflation are stabilizing, the panic buying seems to be subsiding for now. Those are all positive things.

The negative remains that we do not have enough people vaccinated in this country against the coronavirus. While the vaccine does not 100 percent prevent us from getting the coronavirus, it does allow for less hospitalizations and less death plus the added benefit of being able to slow the spread. That’s my long winded way of saying, we must continue to push those not vaccinated to get vaccinated, we don’t need them all, but the more the better.

As seen in Friday’s Open Thread (linked above), the President and Vice President welcomed the 2020 World Series Champ’s the L.A. Dodgers to the White House on Friday. His remarks can be found here.

Friday President Biden attended a nationalization ceremony; on Saturday he shared two video regarding that ceremony.

The video stream is 32 minutes and 7 seconds long. The feed begins at the 2 minute and 44-ish second mark. President Biden begins speaking at the 13 minute and 25 second mark. His remarks can be found here.

The video is 55 seconds long. Sarah the newly minted citizen calls an unnamed person who she views as an older sister and the person that has helped her transition to America. It’s a cute little video. She tells the unnamed woman, that the ceremony was surreal and that she got to take a picture with President Biden. There is giggling involved.

The second video is 47 seconds long and a tad more emotional as the newly minted American citizen, Xiomara, calls her mom to share the news of her new citizenship. The video is in Spanish the text is translated to English. Xiomara try’s hard to not cry, but fails when mom tells her she’s proud of her and very happy for her.

Congratulations to all newly sworn-in American citizens.

His first Saturday tweet ties into his 7 tweets and 1 retweet for Sunday aka the Fourth of July. Two of his tweets were shared in Sunday’s Afternoon Open Thread.

Sunday’s Tweets.

I don’t know it’s the most patriotic thing we can do, but it’s the right thing to do, if you can, get the vaccine.

Here’s the video of the full Fourth of July celebration from the White House.

His so far one Monday tweet…

This is an open thread

Bonus: As I mentioned in the Tell Me Something Good thread posted yesterday the Little Mermaid aka my grandbaby came over yesterday to swim.

How it started:

How it went…

That was taken during our fireworks show…
She is adorable, but has the energy levels of the energizer bunny.

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