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I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately on all of the times over the years that I heard Hannity tell callers and guests that they “are a Great American”. Of course, we all know by now that Hannity has no clue on what it is to be a “Great American”.

So, I’ve personally been thinking about that question. What does make a “Great American”?

If you haven’t guessed already, here’s where you come in…

I am challenging any and all who read this to write a short essay on what you believe are the characteristics of a “Great American”. Is it merely someone who calls Hannity’s show, and enthusiastically agrees with what he’s saying? Is it someone who always stands for the National Anthem and scorns those who kneel? Is it someone who only wants the good parts of America to be taught to their children?

Or is it something more?

Please, give it some thought. And then put it in writing. It doesn’t have to be very long…aim for between 250-500 words. Enough to give it some substance, but not too much that makes it a burdensome task.

Everyone who submits an entry will receive a TNB coffee mug. This is just a quick mock-up, but it will be professionally laser engraved by me and personally shipped to you by me.

Submit your essay through the Guest Editorial link:

We will then post each one, anonymously…one each day until no more are submitted. At the end, the TNB staff will narrow it down to what we think are the top three. These three will get something extra special, in addition to the coffee mug. Once we have the top three, we will put it up to a vote to all TNB visitors to determine the best essay. That person will receive something extra, extra special (yet to be determined by me).

Okay…who will accept my challenge? (hint: what Great American wouldn’t?)

Essay submission deadline: 9/15/2021 at midnight

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