TNB Night Owl – Weird State Laws NEVADA

Let’s take a drive through the Silver State to find some weird state laws!
Take a stroll through the poll section so we can decide the best worst laws of each state for our grand finale!
  • You can’t ride a camel on the highway
  • You can’t hula hoop on fremont street
  • In Eureka you can’t kiss a women with a mustache
  • You can hang someone for shooting your dog
  • In Reno, you can’t place benches or seats on streets or sidewalks without getting permission first
  • You can run a red light or stop sign in you are the lead car in a funeral procession
  • In Reno, you can’t lie down on a sidewalk
  • You can’t spray paint a shopping cart and keep it in your basement
  • In Las Vegas, you can’t pawn your dentures
  • You can’t walk down the street without a face mask (est. 1918)

“You can hang someone for shooting your dog” Finally a state that backs me up. I’m moving to Nevada! “In Las Vegas, you can’t pawn your dentures” I bet you could get dentures hella cheap…

Sources: 10 Odd Nevada Laws –, Crowd Signal Polls

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