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Let’s take a drive through the wild west capitol and home to the largest living organism (I thought that was me on a fat day…) to find some weird laws!
Taking a break from the polls tonight so be sure to hit up the QOTN!
  • Dishes must drip dry
  • In Myrtle Creek, one may not box with a kangaroo
  • It’s illegal for a wedding ceremony to be performed at a roller rink
  • In Hood River, juggling is strictly prohibited without a license
  • Ministers are not allowed to eat onion nor garlic before a sermon
  • It’s illegal to used canned corn as fishing bait
  • In Springfield, it’s illegal to own a reptile
  • It’s illegal to wear roller skates in the bathroom
  • It’s illegal for two or more people to share a drink
  • It’s illegal to obstruct the flow of a water fountain
  • In Portland, it’s illegal to whistle under water
  • In Portland, it’s illegal to walk down the street with your shoes untied
  • In Marion, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backwards on a city street
  • In Yamhill, it’s illegal to predict the future
  • It’s illegal to whisper “dirty” things into your lover’s ear during times of intimacy
  • A car door may not be left open longer than is necessary
  • Babies cannot be carried on the running boards of a car
  • Ice cream may not be consumed on Sundays

Well those are certainly some weird laws.

QOTN: What are your best theories to explain why these laws were put into effect?

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