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It’s Tuesday.

For Tuesday September 7th, 2021, President Biden has received his daily brief. Today he will travel to New Jersey and New York to survey the impact of Hurricane Ida on those areas.

President Biden has tweeted 2 times so far for Tuesday. 

The “video” is 14 seconds long. Snips were taken from his trip to Louisiana on Friday.

President Biden: I want you to know, we’re going to be here for you. This isn’t about being a Democrat or a Republican. We’re Americans, and we’ll get through this together.

The New York Times reports that 43 people were killed across four states in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

In the aftermath of a ferocious storm caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida that killed over three dozen people across four states, national and local leaders acknowledged on Thursday that extreme weather events posed an urgent and ongoing threat.

The storm killed at least 43 people in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and left more than 150,000 homes without power. States of emergency remained in effect across the region by midday Thursday, as officials sought to get a handle on the damage.

New York Times. 09/02/2021 (updated) 09/07/2021.

When Biden Bits was published on Monday aka Labor Day President Biden had tweeted 3 times. He added 2 more tweets giving him a Monday Tweeting Total of 5 tweets and 0 retweets.

The “video” is 19 seconds long. It’s a snip from his remarks on Friday regarding the August Jobs Report.

President Biden: [You know, the holidays we celebrate this weekend]— the holiday, Labor Day, is about honoring the dignity of work, honoring the American worker.  And that’s what our economic strategy is all about as well. It’s about growing our economy from the bottom up and the middle out, providing some extra breathing room for families —  and my dad would just say, “Just a little breathing room” — [creating an environment where employers have truly com- — have to compete — compete for workers by providing higher wages and better benefits.]

The above tweet was also taken from his remarks on Friday.

President Biden: For example — you’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again, but it’s the best example to make clear to people a very complicated notion: Fifty-five of the largest corporations in America last year paid zero — zero in federal taxes. I don’t care what your position is.  It just seems to me it’s time they start to pay their fair share like everybody else.  Just pay a little bit here, and it comes out to billions of dollars if they pay it. The irony of ironies is: During the recession and the pandemic — you’ve heard me say this before; I apologize for repeating it — when the vast majority of Americans were struggling just to hang on, the number of billionaires in America actually grew. (Laughs.)  Now, I want to hold here for just a second.  If — you know, there have been so many records the stock market has hit under my presidency.  Imagine if the other guy was here: “We’re doing great.  It’s wonderful.  The stock market is surging.  It’s gone up higher under me than anybody.”  But that doesn’t — that doesn’t mean that it’s the best for the economy. Look, the stock market has set 40 record highs just this year.  They can afford to pay just a little bit more. 
But, folks, right now, the House and Senate are working on my plan to generate a fairer tax system and close loopholes that big corporations and the super-wealthy use to pay less. To give you one example, there’s a group of experts — left, right, and center — who estimate that, right now, we lose more than $100 billion a year in tax revenue owed from the top 1 percent of taxpayers alone — not because of low tax rates, but because wealthy people aren’t paying the taxes they owe. We’re going to change that so they pay taxes just like typical hardworking Americans do right now.  We’re going to use the money we collect from the tax cuts for — to give tax cuts to middle-class families, to make it easier to raise kids, to take care of your aging parents, and so much more.

Full remarks. 09/03/2021

His Build Back Better agenda can be found here.

The daily press briefing for today is a Press Gaggle Aboard Air Force One. It says it happened at around 10:45 a.m. D.C., time.

President Biden is scheduled to receive a briefing from local leaders on the impact of Hurricane Ida from Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, at 12:15 p.m. D.C., time.

President Biden’s remarks from Queens, New York, are scheduled for 4:40 p.m. D.C., time. Note the schedule itself says 4:00 p.m. D.C., time, but the video says a different time.

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