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Let’s take a drive through the home of country music and the great smokey mountains to find some weird laws!
  • You can’t sell hollow logs in Tennessee, so don’t even try
  • Carrying a skunk over state borders is a huge no-no. Unless you’re looking for trouble, we’d recommend you don’t do it
  • In Oneida it is technically considered illegal for a woman to call a man and ask him on a date. Bad news for all those independent ladies out there
  • The only animal it is legal to shoot out of your car window is a whale. Good luck finding one, guys
  • You can move in with your girlfriends, but not TOO many of them. If eight or more women are living together in a Tennessee house it is considered a brothel. Yikes!
  • Spitting on the sidewalk in Lexington is quite solidly illegal
  • It’s a misdemeanor to tattoo a minor in Tennessee
  •  Holding hands is considered a gateway to sexual activity, so it is illegal on school grounds
  • Added in on a technicality: If that roadkill looks appetizing, go for it! It’s completely legal to pick up some roadkill on the way home and fry it up for supper
  • It’s illegal to post images online if they are meant to cause emotional distress – that is, it’s illegal if there is no legitimate purpose. We’ll leave you to sort that one out.
  • In Oneida the song, “It Ain’t Goin’ To Rain No Mo'” is actually outlawed. Don’t hum that tune too loud if you make it out there
  • Sharing your Netflix password is a tried and true illegality in the Volunteer State
  • The art of lassoing a fish is lost to Tennesseans, as it is illegal
  • Bummer, guys – you can’t drive in Tennessee while you’re asleep. Tempting as it is.
QOTN: What are your best theories to explain why these laws were created?

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