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Let’s take a drive through Rhode Island, which I can find no interesting fact about so I will assume it’s known for strange women with over-teased, bleached white hair with scary long nails who say they know my dead Great Uncle Darrel.
  • Throwing pickle juice on a trolley is an offense in Rhode Island
  • Intentionally biting off someone’s limb is understandably illegal in the Ocean State
  • In case you were considering stringing rope lower than 14 feet across a highway in the state, don’t. It’s illegal
  • Riding a horse on the highway for the purpose of testing its speed is not allowed either
  • Professional sports, with the exception of hockey and ice polo, need a special license to play on Sundays
  • There is a law requiring loud noises to be made whenever you’re passing someone on the left
  • It is illegal to coast downhill in neutral in the state
  • Both challenging, or accepting, a dual is illegal in the state
  • Did you know it’s illegal in Providence for a store to sell a toothbrush and toothpaste to the same customer on a Sunday
  • Smoking a pipe after sunset in the city of Newport is not allowed
  • Stealing a stone wall is illegal
  • Imitating an Auctioneer is illegal
  • Wearing transparent clothing in Rhode Island is illegal
  • Watering the lawn or garden on even-numbered days in West Warwick is illegal
  • Using a cap gun

“False personification” laws make it illegal to impersonate an Auctioneer. …How does that apply to Halloween?

QOTN: What are your best theories to explain why these laws were created?

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