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Let’s take a drive through Utah, where I can only imagine how low the coffee sale are, to find some weird state laws!
  • Logan has a law against throwing rocks “to annoy any traveler or pedestrian.” Unless, of course, you get the property owner’s permission; then you can be as annoying as you’d like
  • In St. George, you have two days to bury a deceased pet. Forget sitting Shiva or holding a wake
  • In Price, it’s against the law to interrupt the city engineer while he is engaged in official duty
  • Whale Hunting is Illegal
  • In Salt Lake City, you can only have “casual contact” with the milkman. There are no laws on the books regarding the gardener or the paperboy, in case you’re wondering
  • While you’re fishing, you cannot use or possess corn or hominy
  • You can’t just drive your animals down any street in the city – unless the mayor gives you permission
  • It’s illegal to drive on the sidewalk
  • Utah mothers must have lobbied for this one. In Utah, you’re required to keep one hand on the handlebars of your bike at all times. Because it’s all fun and games…until someone gets hurt
  • Swearing is illegal in Logan. So when your kids are driving you to insanity, you can’t say those words you’d like to say. Also illegal: “fighting words.”
QOTN: What are your best theories to explain why these laws were put into place?

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