TNB Night Owl – Could This Trick Save Your Life?

Woman holding phone. Photo by Mad Fish Digital.

It’s happened to all of us. Our car stalls, we’ve run out of gas on a back road far from town and we grab our phone only to find the battery is about to die. What do we do? We’re hiking and we get lost and there is no cell reception.

There are no good options in these situations, and hopefully if you are hiking alone you have told somebody where you are going, however this trick has blown this problem wide open.

The first thing you do is go to your voice mail and reset the message. “I am on Jefferson road, my car is out of gas and my phone is dying. If you get this message please send someone to get me and bring gas” or you can use this trick as a preemptive strike “I am hiking in this area, I have enough supplies to last 2 days on my own, if I am not I am planning on being done around 8pm if I am not done by this time something may be wrong”

It could even possibly be used for women who feel threatened in a situation but not threatened enough to call law enforcement, even if your phone is not dying. “I am on a date with this man, I feel threatened and I cannot back out of this date safely. We are at this location” or “I’m in this city and I’ve noticed a car I think is following me. This is the type of car, license plate (or a partial)”

It’s a very creative and very helpful trick that might just save your life one day.

QOTN: Have you used this trick before?

Sources: Facebook Group – Missing But Not Forgotten

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