TNB Night Owl – Personality Traits that Increase Risk of Alzheimer’s

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Researchers looked at the “Big Five” core personality types that are familiar among mental health experts in relation to developing Alzheimer’s.

Although there is no found cure for this disease, identifying these traits can help the people and their doctors diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s more efficiently.

This new study is just one of many game changers for the Alzheimer world.

The Big Five

  1. Conscientiousness 
    • This describes someone who is responsible, careful, and goal- and detail-oriented. They have high impulse control and tend to be organized
  2. Agreeableness
    •  This describes a person who is respectful, compassionate, trusting and tries to avoid problems. They tend to be more cooperative and are helpful 
  3. Neuroticism
    •  This describes someone who gravitates toward unsettling emotions, such as anxiety and depression. They get upset easily 
  4. Openness 
    • This describes a person who is open to new experiences and curious about the world. They are creative and happy to talk about abstract ideas
  5. Extraversion or Extroversion
    • This describes someone who seeks excitement and is active and highly sociable. They are talkative, have a lot of emotional expressiveness and are energized around others

The first link gives a more in depth look towards these traits and gives you the ability to understand them on a sliding scale.

Alzheimer’s is one of the hardest things to live with, whether it’s you or a loved one you take care of. A great debt of gratitude goes to the care takers.

QOTN: How many of the big five do you have? (I think I deserve double points for #3)

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