TNB Night Owl – Brave Man Foils Evil Possum Inside Couch

Brushtail Possum. Photo taken by Andrew Mercer.

We have a hilarious video courtesy of ba ma pkins a youtube channel with a variety of videos, but this one sticks out.

The subject of the video is not as funny as the way they respond to it, especially him. The candy bar that turns into a squirrel that turns into a “HUGE” possum in his description and actually turns out to be a borderline baby possum. His heroic effort to save his wife and cat will not be forgotten.

And the screams. The screams. From the possum too, but mostly him. The comments from his wife and him, my favorites being:


#2 “You were sleeping with him, Ryan!” – Ryan: “NO SH!T.”

#3 “Maybe he’s playing dead ’cause he’s a possum.”

#4 “Maybe I take the hose and spray him.”

#5 Ryan’s battle cry: “GO YOU F*&^ER!”


And eventually, if you want the job done the right way you call the professional’s. Who effortlessly get the possum out, by the way.

But at the end, Ryan and his wife work out some boundaries with the possum and agree to let him chill in the backyard, as long as he doesn’t try to live in their couch.

Let the lesson be possums are rarely rabid and will hiss, but are also rarely aggressive towards humans. Possums have fur everywhere but on it’s tail and feet, and they resemble human feet. So in the winter, possums will seek shelter in warms areas like barns to keep their feet from freezing. They will rarely disrupt things to the point of destruction and the rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want to be bare footed outside, neither should they.

QOTN: Do you like possums?

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