TNB Night Owl – My TikTok Likes for the Week

Enjoy at your own risk.
I hope dogs have 9 lives too because this dog just lost one!
This is just the midwest in a nutshell. Trailer trash exists, people…
Children falling makes me laugh way more than it should. Am I a bad person?
I miss my chickens. I missed an opportunity to have them as a house pet.
Speaking of chickens, you don’t mess with them.
If this is true I am moving to Canada! It should not be a right of passage to hit a deer…
I would hand feed this dog 24/7. If I could invent 25/8 I would do that.
The pitter-patter of those feet makes me violent. I love it so much!
This woman and her animals are hilarious. Karen if a fitting name for that bird!
This channel is 10/10. These dogs arguments are hilarious!
There has to be something wrong with this goat. It’s hilarious though!
This is ingenious, I am so impressed.
I do find humor in everyone falling, not just kids, and if you add in ice I am without a doubt laughing so hard I have tears running down my face.
I’m going to leave you with this one. It absolutely wins TikTok of the week, something I just made up as I am typing this.
QOTN: What’s your favorite TikTok of this week?

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