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It’s Sunday…

I’m still not 100 percent back in the loop so I’ve decided to give you all a preview of our upcoming busy week…

Monday starts the confirmation hearing process of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Joe Biden on February 25th, 2022.

CBS News, unlike other places I checked, including the Senate Judiciary Committee Calendar, explains what’s gonna happen, Monday through Thursday.

Monday: committee members and Jackson will have 10 minutes each to make opening statements, and she will be introduced by outside witnesses, who have five minute apiece to speak.

Tuesday and Wednesday is when the members of the Committee ask questions:

Tuesday, members will have 30 minutes each for questions, and on Wednesday, they’ll each receive 20 minutes for a second round. Also on Wednesday, the committee will meet for a closed-door session to discuss Jackson’s FBI background investigation, which is standard for Supreme Court nominees.

CBS News. 03/19/2022.

Thursday: the committee will hear from the American Bar Association, which evaluates the qualifications of nominees to the federal bench, and outside witnesses. Witnesses and senators will have five minutes each for statements and questions, respectively.

Monday the hearing starts at 11:00 a.m. D.C., time. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the hearing is set for 9:00 a.m. D.C., time.

The goal is to have a separate thread for each day of the hearings…

Before we move to President Biden’s busy week ahead. I must once again thank Halodoc for updating Friday’s post.

He did add a tweet, but just one for Friday:

President Biden on Friday met with Researchers and Patients to discuss the Advanced Research Project Agency for Health (ARPA-H). Prior to the meeting he offered remarks. The YouTube is 4 minutes and 1 second long. His full remarks can be found here.

The tweeted out video clip is 49 seconds long. It was filmed on Friday.

President Biden: Folks, one of the most advanced scientific agencies of the world is what they call DARPA. And they’ve done everything from come up with the internet, to global positioning and a whole range of things. For some time now, I’ve been pushing that we have a similar thing in the health area, that we call ARPA-H instead of DARPA. That’s what we kicked off today. My colleagues in the House and Senate agree to fund it for a billion dollars, it has the ability to make enormous breakthroughs focusing on cancer, focusing on obesity, focusing on diabetes, a whole range of diseases that if we put the resources of the federal government and the scientific genius we have behind it, we’re going to make significant breakthroughs. There’s so much we can do, so much we can do. Remember, anything in America is possible when we work together.

On Saturday he tweeted 1 time:

His full statement:

I knew Don Young for a long time. He always stayed true to who he was and the people of Alaska he represented. Tough. Loyal. A consensus builder.

He was larger than life, but always focused on Alaskans’ everyday lives. As Dean of the House, he was the longest-serving House Republican in history—but cherished photos of his legislation being signed into law by ten presidents, Republicans and Democrats.

There is no doubt that few legislators have left a greater mark on their state. Don’s legacy lives on in the infrastructure projects he delighted in steering across Alaska. In the opportunities he advanced for his constituents. In the enhanced protections for Native tribes he championed. His legacy will continue in the America he loved.

Jill and I send our prayers to his wife Anne, to his daughters and the entire Young family, and to the people of Alaska.
May God bless Don Young.

White House.gov. 03/19/2022.

Don Young was the longest-serving member of the House, having entered Congress in 1973. The Republican dean of the House had announced last year his intent to run for Congress again. He was 88 years old.

CBS News reported on Friday that according to a statement shared on Young’s Facebook page that he passed away while traveling home to Alaska.

“It’s with heavy hearts and deep sadness that we announce Congressman Don Young (R-AK), the Dean of the House and revered champion for Alaska, passed away today while traveling home to Alaska to be with the state and people that he loved,” the statement said. “His beloved wife Anne was by his side.”

CBS News. 03/19/2022.

Since I’m writing this on Saturday evening, while sipping coffee; cause it sounded good, any tweets from President Biden on Sunday prior to noon D.C., time will be included after his upcoming week plans.

On Friday during the daily press briefing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that on Monday President Biden will; join the Business Roundtable CEO Quarterly Meeting at their headquarters in Washington, D.C., to discuss the United States’ response to Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war with Ukraine and the President’s plans to lower costs for working families, create good-paying union jobs, and tackle the climate crisis.

She also discussed his upcoming travel to Brussels, Belgium:

On Wednesday, as you all know, he will travel to Brussels, Belgium, where he will have a packed Thursday.  He will — he’s traveling that day; there’s not a schedule that day.  But eat your Wheaties, eat your spinach.  It’s going to be a long Thursday — because on Thursday, to start the day, the President will attend an extraordinary NATO summit to discuss ongoing deterrence and defense efforts in response to Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine. 

He will also reaffirm our ironclad commitment to our NATO Allies and to defend every inch of our NATO territo- — of NATO territory.

Then he will join a scheduled European Council summit to discuss our shared concerns about Ukraine, including transatlantic efforts to impose economic sanctions on Russia, provide humanitarian support to those affected by the violence, and address other challenges related to the conflict.

Later in the day, he will attend the G7 meeting called by Germany to further discuss with our Allies and partners the consequences we are imposing on Russia for its war of choice.

We’ll have more announcements, I’m certain, on the trip in the days ahead.  I don’t have additional details.  We’ve also, of course, invited our National Security Advisor, who always enjoys engaging with all of you, to join us to preview the trip early next week.  So we’re just figuring out the date and the time depending on when the charter leaves.

White House.gov. 03/18/2022.

Given the time difference between me and well everyone mostly, I’m not sure how much of the live events if any I’ll be able to cover while President Biden is overseas. I will of course give it the old college try…

As promised his one tweet so far for Sunday:

His full statement:

Jill and I extend our best wishes to all who are celebrating Nowruz in the United States and around the world today — including in Iran and across the Middle East, in Central and South Asia, in the Caucuses, and in Europe.

The Nowruz holiday brings family and friends together around the table to give thanks for loved ones, count our blessings, share meals and gifts, reflect on the year that has passed, and welcome the arrival of spring and the possibilities of a new season. That spirit of new beginnings and the joy of Nowruz is reflected in our own Haft-Sin table at the White House, representing our hopes for the new year. It is a recognition and celebration of the vibrant cultures and friendships of our many diaspora communities in America who make extraordinary contributions and strengthen the fabric of our nation every day. To everyone celebrating, Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak — we wish you a Happy Nowruz.

White House.gov. 03/20/2022.

The Indian Express says; Nowruz is one of the oldest holidays and has a rich history that dates back over 3,000 years. The 13-day celebration begins with the vernal equinox when the sun crosses the equator. This widely symbolizes rebirth and the affirmation of life in harmony with nature.

This is an Open Thread.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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