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Netflix logo. Photo by Netflix.

If you have watched these Netflix shows, congrats, you are in the cool kid club. If you haven’t, you’ll want to unless you hate suspense music like my mother does.

Harlan Coben is an american mystery/drama/suspense/thriller writer who has teamed up with Netflix and directors around the globe to make many adaptations for Netflix. Some are in different languages, but thanks to wonderful subtitle people and voice over actors you can watch it *american*.

*Disclaimer: Of course, the shows are not as good as the books. It’s the natural order of things, however I am willing to settle for some Netflix binging

Despite what the title says, The Five left Netflix in September of ’21. However, if you have Fubo/Directv you can watch this show.
There is a lot of sexual violence in The Innocent, and is definitely R rated.
Get some popcorn and enjoy.

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