TNB Night Owl — Snark Attack Presents MTG’s No Good, Very Bad SOTU Response Speech

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

Honestly, transcribing Marjorie Taylor Greene’s speech was torture, and not the happy, fun-time kind of pain, either. It was horrendous. I should get combat pay for having to endure that. (Too bad I’m doing this for free. LOL)

The video for Margie’s No Good, Very Bad speech can be found on the Right Side Broadcasting Network’s website, so if you want to follow along or check my transcription, you are welcome to, though I don’t advise it.

Because her speech is 28:11, I’m going to keep my snark succinct and limited.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Good evening, everyone, and thank you for joining me. My name is Marjorie Taylor Greene, and I’m proud to serve as the Congresswoman from Georgia’s 14th district, nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northwest Georgia.

Most of you know me as an outspoken conservative firebrand who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let the world know where I stand. And all that is true, but I’m more than just that. First of all, I’m a forgiven sinner washed in the blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. My faith is my guidepost for everything I do.

Marjorie Taylor Green SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Huh. I don’t think anyone who didn’t have a scorecard would guess she’s a Christian from the way she acts. Maybe that’s just me…

It’s why I’m optimistic about our nation’s future. If our country returns to the solid Christian foundation of our founding principles, we will see an American revival.

I’m a congresswoman thrust into a federal government that is completely broken, and I’m a citizen who wants to fix it. I’m also a wife, and most importantly a mother, which is a gift given by God. Becoming a mother is the best job anyone could ever ask for. My husband and I built an incredible family, and a successful business. Our American dream has been realized, but I’m worried that my kids won’t have that same future. And I’m worried that their kids won’t have that same future. And I’m worried the American way of life could end before our eyes.

So tonight, I’m not speaking with you as a politician, or a congresswoman, or someone who thinks they know more than you, like the typical Washington elites, who are so out-of-touch, they think they can run your life better than you. I’m here to be your voice, the voice of a business owner who actually knows what it’s like to balance a checkbook. The voice of a wife who, alongside her husband has to pay the bills. The voice of a mother concerned about her children’s education and opportunities. And just like you, the voice of an everyday citizen fed up with a government who has failed you every step of the way.

This is the actual state of the union. The state of the union the media tries to hide from you. The state of Joe Biden’s America.

I want to talk to you, first, about our precious children. Two years of virtual learning has led to missed educational milestones, because learning on a computer surrounded by distractions just doesn’t work as well as in-person instruction. Kids have been forced to wear masks for two years now, causing psychological problems, developmental delays, speech and language problems, and emotional issues. Instead of recognizing the harmful effects of their lockdown policies, radical democrats simply lower educational achievement standards to gloss over the problem. Before Covid, federal standards said a twenty-four-month-old should say an average of fifty words. Now they have come out with new guidelines saying they don’t need to say fifty words until thirty months.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Yay! My first fact-check of the article.

Here’s what is readily available from the website under “Developmental milestones record – 2 years

Vocabulary has increased to about 50 to 300 words, but healthy children’s vocabulary can vary widely.

Developmental Milestones – 2 Years

Note: it does not say fifty words by thirty months here. They don’t even have a heading for milestones at 30 months.

I know, you’re as shocked as I am that she’d misrepresent the facts…

And they eliminated a whole bunch of other milestones for children. Meanwhile, they conspire with the teachers’ unions to keep our schools closed. Masking children is child abuse. And it will take us at least a decade or more to get back their educational achievements.

Suicide rates have also increased in children and teens. For teens aged 13 to 18, mental health claims have doubled during the pandemic. And this generation of students now stands to lose $17 Trillion in earnings as a result of school closures.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: The report she’s citing here, from the UN, discusses the global impact of school closures on the lives of 1.6 billion children. The impact, therefore, would be greater in poorer countries where they didn’t have virtual learning available, because the infrastructure didn’t exist, or families didn’t have computers and/or a reliable internet connection. Further, in those poorer countries, some children simply never returned to school.

This report is cited by the right to make their argument on the negative impact of school closures on American students, when American kids weren’t impacted in nearly the same way as the poor in countries like Brazil, Pakistan, India, South Africa, and Mexico, among others.

So, while what she’s saying is technically true, it doesn’t really apply to America in the way it does elsewhere.

Mental health problems among our youth have increased as a result of authoritarian democrat control over a virus that doesn’t even threaten their lives. The youngest and most precious among us have been the biggest victims of a pandemic that has been politicized and used by democrats to seize power in America.

Biden’s policies have also destroyed small businesses. Over 75% of American companies are small businesses. Since the pandemic began, over 200,000 small businesses — nearly 40% of the total — have permanently closed.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Who was president during the lockdowns again? Oh, right. Trump. To be fair, though, the lockdowns were enacted by governors, both republican and democrat alike. So, it’s not Biden’s fault, certainly, and not the democrats’ fault solely.

And she kinda flubs this, because roughly 600,000 small businesses close each year, which is 7-9% of all small businesses. Between Mar 2020 and February 2021, an estimated 200,000 small businesses above the usual number closed, which is a tragedy, to be sure. But it’s not 40% of all small businesses, as she indicates here. It’s about 33% higher than the normal number, though.

When small businesses are closing that means people are losing their jobs. And businesses that struggle to keep their doors open can hardly find anyone to work, because the government is paying people to stay home.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: This is an old RW talking point. The federal government’s extended benefits expired last September. And, just curious, who started those benefits? Yeah, Trump. Biden ended them.

No one wants to work when you can stay home with a government check being mailed to your mailbox.

Over 50% of small business owners have reported being unable to fill job openings under President Biden.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Holy shit! She just called him “President” Biden, as if she believes he didn’t, in fact, steal the election from Trump! What the actual hell?

Also, it’s not just small businesses that are having trouble filling job openings; big box retailers, grocery stores, and drug stores are also having trouble. It’s tough all over, hun…

Small businesses are struggling because they can’t receive supplies due to the horrible disruptions in the supply chain. The sudden rise in inflation, the worst we have seen in forty years has hurt small business owners, because not only can they not get supplies, but they can hardly afford them.

Marjorie Taylore Greene’s SOTU speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: it’s hurt everyone, Margie. It also isn’t Biden’s fault. If anything, he’s doing what he can to improve this situation. It’s not like he has a magic wand he can wave to make all our country’s problems go away in a week or two.

If you’re a small business owner today, you can hardly get anyone to show up to work, and you can hardly get the supplies you need to run your company.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Didn’t you just say this less than half a minute ago?

And all this comes on the heels of over two years of barely being able to keep your doors open, thanks to the democrats’ lockdown policies. Restaurants and manufacturing companies are suffering the worst. And 92% of assisted senior living facilities are struggling to find employees. So not only did democrat authoritarians kill off our elderly
with their evil lockdown nursing home policies.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Oh. Yeah. It would’ve been so much better had they just let anyone and everyone come into those nursing homes and infect people who are in delicate health.

And I doubt that every nursing home or assisted living facility which has careful Covid policies is run by democrats.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t one of the RW talking points about Covid deaths been to brush them off by saying, “Most of the dead were old and were going to die anyway”? So, as is typical, she’s expressing feigned concern for a group of people she has no respect for in order to try to win political points.

Fuck this shit.

But they also paid so many people to stay home that we can’t take care of the ones that are still alive.

Not only did democrat authoritarian pandemic shutdown policies hurt our most innocent, our children, but they also hurt our companies. The ability to open and run your own small business–

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Gee, we’re back to small businesses. Again. Nice.

–the American dream. But American radical democrats–

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: at least she didn’t call them authoritarians again. Yet. Seriously, if she uses the “a” word one more time…

–are destroying it. Out-of-control inflation is the single most important business problem today under President Joe Biden.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: I have news, Margie, it’s probably one of the biggest problems for every American family, too. I’m starting to feel slighted by your remarks.

Small business owners today can hardly keep their doors open, can’t find anyone to work, and can’t get supplies. So now those businesses raise prices on customers, who are also unable to afford their products.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Allow me to point out that America is not the only country struggling with inflation and supply chain problems. Literally every country on the planet is, as well. We’re doing better than most, in fact. But will you hear that from the right? No, you won’t.

As Americans across the country suffer from the high, skyrocketing inflation, every American has less money to spend, making it difficult for them to afford to even eat with their family at their favorite local cafe.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Horrors! People can’t afford to go out to eat as often as they used to? This is a first world problem. If you can’t afford to eat out, eat at home. I mean, do you think Americans were whining and complaining during the Great Depression that, “Gee, we can’t afford to go out and eat the way we used to”? Or did they put in a bigger garden, raise rabbits or other small livestock for food, and take any odd job they could find in order to put food on their family’s table?

For decades the Washington Establishment created globalist policies to move America into the global economy, sending our jobs overseas to get higher corporate net profits. But the devastation to rural America and the family unit is beyond measure. As manufacturing jobs went to Korea, India, China, and Mexico, and more, men went home jobless, and it was difficult to find another job.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: You mean like Donald Trump and his kids did? Those Trump suits and Ivanka clothing lines weren’t made in America, sweetie, but in sweatshop factories in CHY-nah. Heck, those MAGA hats and other merch are also made in China. Suck on that.

In every small town across America there are manufacturing plants that have been shut down, creating ghost towns in the rust belt. As fathers lost their jobs, mental illness and depression increased, and along with that comes alcoholism, and drug abuse, creating fighting between mom and dad, and in many cases, leading to divorce, which creates many problems for the children who lost their parents, family.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: At this point in the video (around the 7-minute mark), there’s a split screen, with an advertisement on the right for My Pillow. Use the code “RSBN” to receive 66% off your entire order, guys!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled snark.

Children no longer go to church every Sunday, growing up to learn the foundations of morality, learning what’s right and wrong. At the same time, the government removed God and prayer from the schools. And as the Washington Establishment continued to pursue globalism and big donations, they pursued profit over people.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Um, yeah… she went from talking about religion–or the lack thereof–to once again talking about globalism. In the same paragraph. It’s like she doesn’t have a lot of talking points, but she’s got to fill this half hour with something…

As for religion, what does she expect the federal government to do about flagging church attendance? Make it mandatory, perhaps? Nationalize religion?

It’s up to parents whether or not they take their kids to church; this isn’t a problem politicians even need to address. And maybe–just maybe–the reason attendance is down is because people see religion as less and less relevant to their lives. Maybe in some cases, they see it as a toxic influence, in fact, when their preacher is expounding upon the greatness of Trump from the pulpit.

If the right wants people to be more moral, maybe they should begin by, oh, I don’t know, valuing truth over disinformation. Valuing unity over putting petty, vindictive performative assholes in office because “they fight!” I mean, there’s a lot that could be done, but it won’t be done by the current GQP.

Getting rich passing bills that serve the corporate interests, but not the American people’s interest. As more jobs went overseas, homelessness increased, mental illness increased, drug abuse increased, divorce rates skyrocketed, sexual perversion and porn-watching has increased, and the traditional family values have been replaced with moral decay, ghost towns (huh?), and hopelessness.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Didn’t she literally just say all this like one minute ago? Further, remember Rick Scott’s 11-Point Plan that we discussed last week? Yeah, it’s the same shit as that. Just dressed down in an uglier package.

And now, in just over a year of Joe Biden’s presidency, we have a wide-open border where border patrol and ICE have their hands tied behind their backs, unable to do the jobs they swore an oath to do. They swore to uphold the laws of the land from invaders, and as Joe Biden and Ka-MAH-la Harris signaled to the world that America’s open through our southern border, they refuse to secure our nation, breaking their oath of office, as traitors within. The result has been over 2 million apprehensions of illegal aliens in just fourteen months, which is more than under President Trump’s entire four-year term.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: So, let me get this straight–we’ve caught 2 million immigrants crossing from Mexico and that’s more than Trump caught in 4 years?

Sounds like Trump kinda fell down on the job, huh? Because we had entire caravans invading our southern border during his administration, remember? Well, we did until the elections were over. Then, suddenly, Faux News and other RW outlets stopped talking about them. It’s weird, as if it was just some made-up problem that they trot out every election cycle to scare the rubes into voting for the R-team, only to then shelve it until the next time they need something to fearmonger about…

And if we have so many jobs needing to be filled, what’s the problem with putting these immigrants to work? That seems like it would solve both problems, right?

But something tells me the America First crowd wouldn’t be interested in that solution.

And that doesn’t even count the ones they never saw and never caught. With only 19,000 border patrol agents, border patrol is undermanned and overworked. And now America’s being invaded at our wide-open border, at the invitation of Joe Biden. And every single threat is coming across, from terrorists to child trafficking, to deadly poisonous fentanyl, sent to America courtesy of the CCP and the Mexican cartels. Joe Biden is recklessly endangering every single American’s life. But his most egregious action is flying illegal aliens in the dark of night across America, maybe to a suburb near you. And you’re paying for it. And while we have been under extreme Covid tyranny for two years now, the leading cause of death in young people ages 18-45 is fentanyl poisoning, not Covid-19.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Yeah, that comment about coming to a suburb near you is totes not an obvious racist dog whistle, nope. No sir!

Isn’t it interesting that, according to the right, the only people who cross our southern border are criminals? Not one is just a poor person wanting a better life for his family than he can give them in their native land. Remember how we talked earlier about the children whose lives have been adversely affected by the pandemic? Yeah, maybe they’re among the largest segment of people coming over the border right now. But you’d never know it from the RW fearmongering going on here.

Oh, and those aliens being flown across America in the dark of night are probably going to states like Iowa, Arkansas, and Alabama, to work in their meatpacking plants. You know, doing the jobs Americans just won’t do. Certainly not for the low wages they get paid.

One thing is for sure, Joe Biden is a great business partner to the Mexican cartels. And while the media’s feeding you blood, violence, and war 24-7 on every single TV, social media, and news app, owning the deadly Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Lapses into the Cray-Cray, Mar 1, 2022

Me: yeah, I don’t understand what she just said, either, and I listened to it several times, just to make sure I transcribed it correctly.

America’s still reeling from Joe Biden’s unforgiveable failure in Afghanistan. Only six months ago, Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, armed the Taliban Islamic terrorists, and unnecessarily cost the lives of thirteen American soldiers. These families have not even finished mourning for their sons and daughter. He needlessly lost the lives of thirteen American soldiers and now has sent thousands of American troops over to eastern Europe to defend another country’s border. And now the war hawks globalist elites and neo-cons (Code for Jews, y’all) are beating the drums of war, preparing to sacrifice more of our sons and daughters to defend another nation’s border, but not our own.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s a Peacenik speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Holy fucking shit, really? Really?

It’s not simply that some immigrants are illegally crossing the border into Ukraine, you stupid, useless HAG, their country is being invaded by the Russian ARMY. Russia is firing missiles and dropping bombs on them, killing thousands of innocent civilians.

So excuse me if I get livid at your racist bullshit where you don’t give a shit about the lives of people in foreign lands, who are defending their right to exist as a nation. Fuck you and the donkey you rode in on.

Under President Trump this would’ve never happened.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Loves Her Some Trump speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Yeah, he just brokered the Afghanistan deal; it would’ve been worse had he still been in office. And forget about many if any of our Afghan allies getting out. But she’s sure right that Trump wouldn’t have sent any troops to Europe to help with Ukraine. He would’ve held the door open for his good and savvy friend Vlad, telling him to “take what you like and leave a few crumbs for me.”

For four years, our country had a real leader, that led America and the entire world to peace through strength.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Thinks Trump Is More Butch Than Putin Speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: You mean the guy who hid in the WH bunker during the BLM protests in DC? Yeah, he’s a real tough hombre.

We had peace because Trump was pals with authorarian leaders around the world. They were all waiting for his second term before they made their moves.

I mean, does this guy look terrified or even respectful of Trump?

But now we have a “mentally incompetent, feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap” to, quote Cathy McCollum, who’s still grieving the loss of her heroic son Riley McCollum, one of the thirteen killed in our chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The president of the United States is totally compromised, because every world leader has contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and much more to blackmail him. So, it’s no wonder America’s weak. We do not have a president that can defend our country. We have a president that puts America last because he is literally serving China, Russia, and the world. He is a globalist. He’s for the global economy. He is for the world economic foreign. (Yes, that’s what she said.) For the interest of China, and for the interest of Russia, and for the interest of anyone, anywhere that has blackmail evidence on his sexually deviant, drug-addled, deadbeat dad, and pathetic, sorry, embarrassing excuse of a son.

Joe Biden has already broken his oath of office, because all he cares about is protecting Hunter Biden, and he will not protect any of us. This is why I have introduced four articles of impeachment on Joe Biden.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Unbecoming to the Office She Holds speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: The projection here is off the charts. It’s not even in the same galaxy as we are.

Now the democrats are trying to claim victory, saying they have beaten Covid. Just to try and win the mid-term elections.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Plays Politics with Covid speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: No, the GQP downplayed Covid to win an election. The democrats, on the other hand, have done all they can to help us overcome the virus. This isn’t about winning the next election for them or most of America.

But Americans all across the country will never forget the forced masking of our children–which is child abuse–and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and all of the other horrible policies of the Covid tyrants. Through the unholy union of the government and corporations, for the first time, Americans have suffered under corporate communism.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Forced Masking Is Abuse speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Um… I think Margie isn’t at all clear on what the word “communism” means. Maybe they don’t teach that at University of Georgia. Or at least not in the Business School?

Vaccines were forced on employees through their employer. Though the demands of the democrats, that’s what they had to do. (Yes, she said it that way) They were forced to take an experimental vaccine, just to pay the bills, and put food on the table. Something that should never happen in America.

At the same time, the “experts,” “experts” (she literally does quotes in the air here, to emphasize her derision), like Dr. Fauci, and the CDC refused to investigate the reported vaccine injuries and deaths on the VERS system, or to even answer questions about why the NIH was funding gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Covid Conspiracy speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Um, no, the point of the VERS system is to report anything out of the ordinary of injury or deaths so that it can be determined through investigation whether or not the injury or death is attributable to the vaccine or some unrelated cause. That’s literally the reason for it. As a matter of fact, because of reports of blood clots occuring after getting a Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the CDC paused its use while further investigation could be done. And, hey, does anyone else remember how the right bitched about that? Oh, yeah

Dr. Fauci, the highest paid employee in the federal government, and all of those adherents to the cruel and twisted Covid science, will not investigate the origins of Covid-19, and all of those involved, or spr– or the spread of Covid-19 that has killed millions.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants to Have Hate-Sex with Dr. Fauci speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: well, at least she admits Covid has killed millions. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Instead, they passed rules and policies that killed our parents in nursing homes.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Thinks Lockdowns Killed Your Grandma speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: No, you dipshit. COVID killed people in the nursing homes.

And cancelled every ounce of enjoyable life as we know it–

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Translation–“We couldn’t go to the Water Fun Park or drink at the local bar. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Seriously, is spending time with your family not an enjoyable part of life as you know it, Margie?

I dunno. Margie strikes me as one of those moms who can’t get through the day without a lot of glug-glug.

–from weddings, to graduations, football games, and one of our most sacred, cherished freedoms, the ability to go to church.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Hey, if y’all want to get Covid and die from going to church, who am I to stop you? The next time we have a pandemic, feel free to get all the viruses you want. Just don’t give your cooties to me, ‘kay? Thanks.

And while Americans were forced into isolation, and all of the suffering that we endured, these elites gathered at fancy parties and fundraisers. They forced restaurants to open for them and their corporate donors were allowed to flourish, and make higher profits than they’ve ever made before, as they were labeled “essential.” (Yes, she did the air quotes thing again.)

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Incoherent Rant “speech,” Mar 1, 2022

Me: Okay, I don’t even understand what she’s going on about here. Maybe after getting through half of this nonsense, I’m too numb from the pain. She’s bitching because Target, Walmart, the big box hardware stores, and various grocery stores made profits? Or something else? I don’t know. I doubt she does, either.

And the heroes of yesterday, frontline healthcare workers and truck drivers, are now villainized.

And while the democrats and the propaganda media labelled antifa and BLM rioters “peaceful protesters” (complete with air quotes), they were truly nothing more than rioters, producing tremendous crime, six hundred and twenty-four acts of arson, excuse me, ninety-seven cops cars burned, so much damage across these American cities. At least twenty-five Americans killed, and over two thousand law enforcement officers injured in the first waves of the summer of rage riots.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Honors Cops Unless They Fight the Right speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: But they think a hundred-fifty officers injured in the span of a few hours when their “peaceful protesters” attacked the Capitol is no big deal. Go figure.

Over 72% of law enforcement agencies reported officers harmed every single day of the riots. Portland burned for over 100 nights straight, and they routinely attacked the Federal Courthouse and the ICE building.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Response speech, Mar 1, 2022

ME: not the same as attacking the Capitol building while Congress was in session, with the expressed purpose of stopping the certification of an election. But, yeah…

But no one cried insurrection.

Marjorie Tayler Greene Makes a Moral Equivalence speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Because it wasn’t. No one was attempting to overthrow an election at the time.

Instead, Ka-MAH-la Harris and Ilhan Omar shared the Minnesota Freedom Fund bail bond link and encouraged people to bail out criminal rioters. They cheered for riots in 2020 that caused over $2 Billion in damages to American cities. And they funded BLM on ACTBlue, the democrat fundraising platform. And they rewarded the mayors of major democrat cities, but they only rewarded the governments of the cities, not the American people who suffered.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is Kinda Racist Here speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: First off, that’s the second time she’s mispronounced the VP’s name in this speech. It’s not as though it’s accidental, and it’s not as if she doesn’t know how to pronounce it or that it’s difficult to pronounce. She and others do this as an intentional sign of disrespect, and, frankly, in this case, it’s racist, too. Win-win for the “patriots” of America First.

Since I’m trying to keep my comments short, Tiff provided a link to Harris’s tweet, as well as more information. And two more links about this. Thanks, Tiff!

They rewarded the American cities that defunded their police but did nothing for American business owners. And at the same time democrats that bailed out criminal rioters, they are now, those same democrats are persecuting pre-trial, January 6th defendants, and holding them in inhumane conditions, for up to twenty-two hours a day.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Insurrectionists speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Gee, that’s what happens when you attack Congress while it’s in session. Also, it’s not elected democrats who are doing this. It’s the courts which have ordered these folks held in jail until their day in court.

I know, I know… I’m guilty of arguing using logic and facts again. When will I ever learn?

The democrats don’t care about justice. These January 6th defendants’ due process rights are being denied. I witnessed this myself, when I toured the DC jail, along with my colleague (I think she meant to say “clown posse”) Congressman Louis Gohmert. We saw with our own eyes men who have been forgotten. Are not allowed to shave. Are not allowed to have a haircut. Are denied chapel. They’re denied communion. And they haven’t even seen their own families since their arrest.

Marjorie Taylor Green Loves Her Some Insurrectionists speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Maybe they should’ve thought about possible consequences to their actions before they committed criminal acts in the US Capitol? Maybe they shouldn’t have travelled far from home to commit their crimes?

I’m just spitballing here…

And are even denied counsel with their attorneys. I’ll never forget the hopelessness I saw in their eyes, and none of these men have even been convicted yet.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Waxes Poetic About Insurrectionists speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Pre-trial confinement is a thing, Margie. It’s a legal thing.

They are all there awaiting trial. This is never supposed to happen in America. While no one agrees with the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, most of the Washington Establishment agrees with the persecution of January 6th defendants.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is OUTRAGED speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: It’s so weird. I mean, I can’t see why people who were in fear of their lives just for doing their job might think the people responsible should cool their asses in jail for a while. Can you?

What has happened to our country? What have we become?

In America, aren’t we considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? Not if you’re a Trump supporter.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines about Insurrectionists, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Just because the law presumes you innocent until you have your day in court doesn’t mean you can’t be held before the trial.

The democrats and the propaganda media that serve their interests attack Trump supporters every. Single. Day, labelling all of us deplorables. In America, our Constitution says that we are all equal, just as God has created us all equal. Yet the democrats and the media condemn any American that wants to put America First. Tragically, the state of our union is a country that has a two-track justice system, based on which way you vote. Where Joe Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice target parents holding their school boards accountable to remove racist CRT from their taxpayer-funded education.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drones on in an Interminable Performance, Mar 1, 2022

Me: regular visitors of this site know all the ways she’s wrong in this paragraph. I’ll just add they’re not in trouble for trying to hold the school boards accountable, but rather the terroristic threats they’ve made while doing so.

But yet they turn a blind eye to the domestic terrorism in the streets that we live through in the summer of 2020.

And while all of you at home work diligently and responsibly balance your checkbook and pay your taxes, the Washington Establishment has so grotesquely abused your trust and run every single one of us into $30 Trillion of national debt, a debt we will never see repaid.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Only Frets about Spending When a D is in the WH, Mar 1, 2022

Me: It took Trump only four years to increase the debt by $6.8 Trillion. In eight years, W didn’t manage that feat, and he was spending on a war effort.

The result of this careless and reckless failure of fiscal responsibility has weakened our dollar, so that soon the world’s currency may be replaced by China’s currency. (She smiled really big at that, like it pleased her enormously. It was creepy.) First, they sent our jobs to China, and now they are allowing for total CCP domination. Why have our leaders failed us?

Tonight, we heard President Biden lay out a plan to tackle the climate, but it’s actually a plan to destroy America’s energy independence, and plunge all of America into poverty. Joe Biden says he wants to reach 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035, and wants to direct federal climate investments only to certain communities. What you heard from Biden tonight is that he wants AOC’s Green New Deal, which does nothing more than enrich the leaders of the climate cult, like Al Gore, and John Kerry. Under the plan, that Joe Biden laid out, in order to be 100% carbon pollution-free, free electric in just thirteen years, America has to be, has to completely give up coal, oil, and natural gas energy. Coal, oil, and natural gas are reliable, natural resources that currently provide 80% of our US energy, and 87% of global energy. If Joe Biden and the democrats get their way, and take away coal, oil, and natural gas energy production in America, we will be plunged into darkness. Literally.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Loves Her Some Coal speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: eye roll

Joe Biden and the democrats will destroy the vast landscapes all across our beautiful country, to clear the land for solar and wind farms, that will never, ever, be able to fulfill our energy needs. While we have all seen the images of frozen wind turbines in Texas–and I know that solar panels are not energy efficient enough to even power your home–this disastrous plan will devastate our lives. Without coal, oil, and natural gas, Americans won’t be able to keep the lights on, heat their homes in the winterime, run air conditioning during the heat of summer, or even recharge the electric vehicles that the democrats will be forcing all of us to drive. Biden’s plan takes away 80% of our reliable energy and switches to wind, when we know the wind doesn’t always blowing. (Yes, she said it that way.) Solar, when we know the sun isn’t always shining. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, especially China, has no interest in following the climate cult.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hates Alternative Energy speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: So now you like the Chinese? Or at least, you think their ideas on energy are keen? Could y’all pick a lane whether China is a good guy or a bad guy here? Because I’m getting confused which side I’m supposed to be on with them…

President Xi of China is actually ramping up the use of coal, oil, and natural gas for his economic, global expansion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is A-Scared of China! speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: I remember back when they had the first Olympics in China, and how the athletes had to wear masks when they were competing outdoors, because the air was so dirty you could see it hanging over the city in a thick brown cloud. But yeah, let’s have more of that here!

But Joe Biden and the democrats are trying to sell you a policy that will send us back to the Dark Ages and make all of us slaves to China. It’s the same old tune of rules for thee but not for me. Just as Fauci was paraded out to spew fake science about masks, and lockdowns, and vaccines, now the high priests of the climate religion are being trotted out at the order of our masters to shame us and tell us eating too much red meat and driving cars with combustion engines is destroying the planet. Nancy Pelosi and her elite friends will be getting rich off green energy corporations that will make billions off government contracts in the name of making America green Joe Biden’s climate action is, and so-called environmental justice, is nothing more than an injustice for every. Single. American.

Everyone knows the climate constantly changes, and no amount of government spending and taxpayer spending will ever stop the climate from changing.

Marjorie Taylor Green Hates Green Energy speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: “Weather is the condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time; climate is the average course of weather conditions for a particular location over a period of many years.”

So that mic drop moment you think you just had, just nope.

If you believe Joe Biden’s climate lies and America Last Energy Plan, I’ve got some beautiful, oceanfront property in northwest Georgia that I’d love to sell you.

One thing every single American–

Marjorie Taylor Greene Seems Fixated on Single Americans speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Why does she keep talking about every single American. Why is she excluding all the married Americans? And do widows/widowers count as single Americans?

Inquiring minds want to know.

–will understand is that, when the democrats force all of us to drive electric vehicles, we will be depending on China to drive to work, pick up our kids from school, and to live our daily lives. With China controlling over 85% of electric vehicle battery market, America can’t compete, because we’re at less than 5%.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hates Electric Cars speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Huh. Maybe that’s why we need global trade?

This proves that Joe Biden is President Xi’s favorite business partner. And he doesn’t work for America; he works for China.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Really Has a Chinese Bee in Her Bonnet speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: I guess by that logic, Richard Nixon also worked for China. And what does it say about Trump and his kids, what with their clothing factories in China? Oh right… nothing, I guess. At least as far as the Trump cult is concerned.

It’s clear to everyone after a year under Bi–, under the Biden administration and tonight’s speech where the priorities are. China first, and America last. Instead of following Joe Biden and the democrats’ plan to surrender to the globalists, led by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. The only way forward for our great nation is an American revival.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is A-Scared of Klaus Schwab speech, mar 1, 2022

Me: IOW, Make America Great Again by looking to some ancient past where we were far from perfect. Nice! No new ideas in sight!

This is the plan to put America first: We must secure our border by finishing President Trump’s border wall, for we are not a nation without strong borders. We will impose an immigration moratorium.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contract on America speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: she’s not saying it, but she means on legal immigration.

Empower ICE to deport all illegal aliens. Defund sanctuary cities and stop harboring criminals. While Joe Biden wants us to send our border patrol agents to defend other countries’ borders, we will expand and strengthen our custom and border patrol to protect our own borders. We must return to energy independence, increase clean coal, oil, and natural gas, fracking, and nuclear energy production. And finish the Keystone Pipeline.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contract on America speech, Part 2, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Did I miss the part where Biden said he was sending border patrol agents to Eastern Europe? Also, according to this Popular Mechanics article, clean coal is a “political pipe dream.”

America must never rely on the world again for energy, especially in times of war, when we need strength in negotiating. We must return to traditional family values and return our children’s education decisions where it has always belonged, with the parents. We must eliminate all racist CRT teachings in every single part of our education, and never again abuse our children with forced masking.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contract on America speech, Part 3, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Yeah, we want to corner the market on teaching racism in our schools!

We must defend women’s rights by keeping all biological men out of places where women should feel safe and secure: our bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms, and the places where we compete, our sports.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tries to Give Woman a Reason to Vote R, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Show of hands among the ladies–how many of you have ever been approached by a dude in a dress in the ladies room? I keep hearing from the right it happens, but I’ve never even heard of it.

Oh, and I guess they figure championing the cause of biological women against transgenders is going to score them points among college-educated white women in suburbia. Good luck with that political pipe dream, too…

The left needs to stop empowering men to beat women, and we won’t stand for them to beat our daughters. We need to outlaw pediatric gender clinics. Children should be allowed to grow up, should never be poisoned, castrated, or mutilated in the name of radical transgender ideology. Education should be about excelling in reading, writing, and arithmetic, not indoctrination into sexual deviancy with pornography masquerading as literature in the library. Most importantly, we need to return God and prayer to school.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contract on America speech, Part 4, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Sounds familiar, no? That’s some of what I covered in last week’s article regarding Rick Scott’s 11-Point Plan. So now you know that wasn’t a fluke; it’s part of their very well-thought-out plan. And we’re already seeing items here or there being enacted in states like Florida (the Don’t Say Gay bill) and Texas (the transgender child bill). Soon it’ll be coming to a red or blue state near you, if these smug assholes have their way.

I’m embarassed and sorry that I ever identified politically with the republicans, conservatism, and the political right in this country. Maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe the party or the movement was hijacked by these assholes, or maybe that’s just me trying to justify why I didn’t see it for what it was. That’s a question I’ve been struggling to answer for the past 6-and-a-half years now, since Trump announced his candidacy, and I’m still searching for the answer. But, sadly, I have to sheepishly admit that some of the bad I did embrace, much to my chagrin now. For that, I’m still paying penance.

And the greatest thing we can ever do is to protect the lives of the unborn by declaring life begins at conception, and ending the abortion lie sold to women. We have to be a nation that takes care of women and children.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Loves Babies Until They’re Born speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Except when we put them in cages for crossing the border.

When we end the genocide of abortion, our nation will finally, truly heal.
We should be proud of our second amendment rights, that were handed to us by our founding fathers, who believed that gun rights were the last line of defense against tyranny.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Subtly Signals the Cult to Insurrection speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Rick Scott mentioned this too, in just this way. This is their not-so-veiled threat that they will call up their fellow “patriots” again, to literally fight with guns to overthrow the government, if they don’t get their way.

Instead of taking away gun rights, we must end gun-free zones. Stop putting gun owners on list. And continue to expand gun rights with policies like constitutional carry. The Constitution says, “shall not be infringed” for a reason, and we should protect that. Instead of Americans being enslaved to China, they shouldn’t be able to own our land, invest in our businesses, or fund our children’s education. And we should deport anyone loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contract on America speech, Part 5, Mar 1, 2022

Me: That’s going to be a pretty big blow to Trump and his kids, no? Between the Trump Towers Chinese investors who purchased a path to US citizenship, and the Chinese nationals who were selling access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago during his presidency, like Li Yang and Xinyue “Daniel” Lou.

And we need to continue doing what I have done over the past year by forcing Congress to vote on record. Congress should never vote by voice, in the dead of night, with no record of how each member of Congress actually voted. And most importantly, as we know, stolen elections have consequences. It’s imperative that every single American can trust our elections, and no matter what Nancy Pelosi. Liz Cheney, and the propaganda and the fake news media try to make you believe, no one trusts the results of the 2020 election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Contract on America speech, Part 6, Mar 1, 2022

Me: There are at least 81 million of us who do, you fuckwit c-word.

We have to secure our elections, and that means requiring an ID to vote, and restricting mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

So tonight, I’m calling for an American revival. A revival of spirit, a revival of courage, a revival of unity–

Marjorie Taylor Greene Winds up Her Contract on America speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me:–but only on our terms.

–a revival of victory, and, most importantly, a revival of faith. A faith that relies on our God to conquer the enemies that want to destroy our way of life.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants God to Smite Her Enemies speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: she’s not talking about our nation’s enemies. She’s talking about the “enemies within” that she and the right see in any of us who don’t go along with their program.

We need to reject the politics of race and division.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Lives in an Alternate Reality speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: Yeah, we can’t have some white peoples feeling bad about what their ancestors did to blacks here in America…

We need to come together as one American family and put America First.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Weakly Extends an Olive Branch speech, Mar 1, 2022

Me: You’ve made it painfully clear I’m not welcome in your America.

Thank you and God bless the United States of America. Good night everyone.

Thank God It’s Over, Mar 1, 2022

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