Biden Bits: Congratulations, Judge Jackson…

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It’s Friday.

When Biden Bits was posted for Thursday, President Biden had tweeted 1 time. He added 6 tweets giving him a Thursday Tweeting Total of 7 tweets and 0 retweets.

As seen in Biden Bits from Thursday, March 31st, 2022:

Snip: Historic Release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a Bridge Through the Crisis

After consultation with allies and partners, the President will announce the largest release of oil reserves in history, putting one million additional barrels on the market per day on average – every day – for the next six months.  The scale of this release is unprecedented: the world has never had a release of oil reserves at this 1 million per day rate for this length of time. This record release will provide a historic amount of supply to serve as bridge until the end of the year when domestic production ramps up. 

The Department of Energy will use the revenue from the release to restock the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in future years. This will provide a signal of future demand and help encourage domestic production today, and will ensure the continued readiness of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to respond to future emergencies.  

President Biden is coordinating this action with allies and partners around the world, and other countries are expected to join in this action, bringing the total release to well over an average 1 million barrels per day.

White 03/31/2022.

His full statement:

I applaud the overwhelming vote today in the General Assembly of the United Nations to kick Russia off the UN Human Rights Council. This is a meaningful step by the international community further demonstrating how Putin’s war has made Russia an international pariah.

The United States worked closely with our Allies and partners around the world to drive this vote because Russia is committing gross and systemic violations of human rights. Russian forces are committing war crimes. Russia has no place on the Human Rights Council. After today’s historic vote, Russia will not be able to participate in the Council’s work or spread its disinformation there as the Council’s Commission of Inquiry investigates Russia’s violations and abuses of human rights in Ukraine. 

The images we are seeing out of Bucha and other areas of Ukraine as Russian troops withdraw are horrifying. The signs of people being raped, tortured, executed—in some cases having their bodies desecrated—are an outrage to our common humanity. Russia’s lies are no match for the undeniable evidence of what is happening in Ukraine. That’s why nations in every region condemn Russia’s unprovoked and brutal aggression against Ukraine and support the brave people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom. And we will continue to work with responsible nations around the world to gather evidence to hold Russia accountable for the atrocities being committed, increase the pressure on Russia’s economy, and isolate Russia on the international stage. 

White 04/07/2022.

Before we finish Thursday’s tweets I’m gonna go off book and share President Biden’s scheduled for Friday…

For Friday, April 8th, 2022, President Biden has received his daily brief. This afternoon he, Vice President Harris, and Judge Jackson will deliver remarks to celebrate Judge Jackson’s confirmation to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

One reason I’m sharing Friday’s schedule with Thursday tweets; he posted 3 tweets regarding Judge Jackson’s confirmation on Thursday…

The video is 25 seconds long. They are both excited; my favorite part of the clip happens at the 16 second mark, when the camera pans to Judge Jackson’s face where we see her process the fact that it’s really happened and she will be a Supreme Court Justice likely early July.

President Biden has tweeted…

And the other reason I shared the above scheduled off book; I suspected his first tweet for Friday would be about Judge Jackson’s confirmation celebration…

President Biden’s remarks are scheduled for 12:15 p.m. D.C., time.

The daily press briefing is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. D.C., time.

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