TNB Night Owl – K9 Invades Soccer Pitch

Adidas soccer ball on grass

On Thursday night in Brazil, Retrô defeated Náutico 1-0 in the first leg of the Campeonato Pernambuco final. Many were talking about the goal Guilherme Mendes da Silva made in the 69th minute, instead we are going to watch a K9 Polícia dog invading the football pitch, and that is much more important.

The play was interrupted by a police dog with seven minutes to go, who decided to help his home team win by taking possession of the ball after running from one end of the pitch to the other and back again, doing all of that with grace while avoiding the police officers chasing him around the soccer field.

The entertainment – the real entertainment – lasted about a minute and a half. Many are saying that this K9 played the best out of all of the team.

And because I didn’t vet this tweet before I started writing, it won’t let me embed the video, sorry folks.

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