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It’s Tuesday.

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When Biden Bits was posted for Monday, President Biden had tweeted 1 time. He added 3 tweets giving him a Monday Tweeting Total of 4 tweets and 0 retweets.

The YouTube is 39 minutes and 17 seconds long. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: This is the mission of our time.  Our memorial to them must not be just a day when we pause and pray, it must be a daily commitment to act, to come together, to be worthy of the price that was paid.

From the Proclamation; Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day 2022

President Biden: As we honor the memories of our fallen heroes, we are grateful for the future they made possible for us and rededicate ourselves to seeking enduring peace.  Our heroes gave their lives for our country, and they live forever in our hearts — forever proud, forever honorable, and forever American.

For Tuesday, May 31st, 2022, President Biden has received his daily brief. This morning D.C., time, President Biden held a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. This afternoon he will lunch with the Vice President prior to his meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. After his meeting with Powell, to discuss inflation, President Biden will meet with the successful K-pop group BTS. And yes, I did Google to make sure it was the hugely successful K-pop band that was meeting with the President, CNN confirmed.

The White House issued a statement on Saturday regarding the meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Ardern:

On Tuesday, May 31, President Biden will welcome Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand to the White House, for the first visit of a leader from New Zealand since 2014. The President and Prime Minister will continue to advance the U.S.-New Zealand partnership and their shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific. The two Leaders will discuss strengthening cooperation to support the Pacific Islands region, and our work together on a range of issues, including the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, addressing the climate crisis, and countering terrorism and radicalization to violence both off and online. Vice President Harris will also meet with Prime Minister Ardern at the White House.

White 05/28/2022.

President Biden has tweeted 1 time so far…

The Opinion Piece by the President does not appeared pay-walled, at least for me it is not. I do not sub to the Wall Street Journal.

Normally, I would post all of what President Biden has said, but given this is featured via the Wall Street Journal, free it might be, but it is not posted to the White House. So I do not feel comfortable copying and pasting the large amount of text.

The below excerpt is based on the above tweeted words:

First, the Federal Reserve has a primary responsibility to control inflation. My predecessor demeaned the Fed, and past presidents have sought to influence its decisions inappropriately during periods of elevated inflation. I won’t do this. I have appointed highly qualified people from both parties to lead that institution. I agree with their assessment that fighting inflation is our top economic challenge right now.

Second, we need to take every practical step to make things more affordable for families during this moment of economic uncertainty—and to boost the productive capacity of our economy over time. The price at the pump is elevated in large part because Russian oil, gas and refining capacity are off the market. We can’t let up on our global effort to punish Mr. Putin for what he’s done, and we must mitigate these effects for American consumers. That is why I led the largest release from global oil reserves in history. Congress could help right away by passing clean energy tax credits and investments that I have proposed. A dozen CEOs of America’s largest utility companies told me earlier this year that my plan would reduce the average family’s annual utility bills by $500 and accelerate our transition from energy produced by autocrats.

We can also reduce the cost of everyday goods by fixing broken supply chains, improving infrastructure, and cracking down [the link is to a White House fact sheet from February 2022] on the exorbitant fees that foreign ocean freight companies charge to move products. My Housing Supply Action Plan will make housing more affordable by building more than a million more units, closing the housing shortfall in the next five years. We can reduce the price of prescription drugs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies and capping the cost of insulin. And we can lower the cost of child and elder care to help parents get back to work. I’ve done what I can on my own to help working families during this challenging time—and will keep acting to lower costs where I can—but now Congress needs to act too.

Third, we need to keep reducing the federal deficit, which will help ease price pressures. Last week the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected that the deficit will fall by $1.7 trillion this year—the largest reduction in history. That will leave the deficit as a share of the economy lower than prepandemic levels and lower than CBO projected for this year before the American Rescue Plan passed. This deficit progress wasn’t preordained. In addition to winding down emergency programs responsibly, about half the reduction is driven by an increase in revenue—as my economic policies powered a rapid recovery.

My plan would reduce the deficit even more by making common-sense reforms to the tax code. The Internal Revenue Service should have the resources to collect taxes that Americans already owe. We should level the international taxation playing field so companies no longer have an incentive to shift jobs and profits overseas. And we should end the outrageous unfairness in the tax code that allows a billionaire to pay lower rates than a teacher or firefighter.

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, President Biden. 05/31/2022.

The daily press briefing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.. BTS will meet with the press prior to meeting with the President.

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