TNB Night Owl – The Sun, Sticks, and a Spheric Discovery

Castelorizon, Greece. Photo by Chris Vlachos

I came across this video of Carl Sagen explaining how the Greeks discovered the earth was round with nothing but their brains. And it’s so simple, our guy Sagen didn’t even have to dumb it down for us!

(And no, the ancient aliens didn’t help them…)

It just proves that you don’t need technology to discover and deduce findings. The amount of tests and number of different scans that you have done now at the hospital when a doctor used to be able to diagnose a condition or disease with deductive reasoning and knowledge that they had stored in their brain. Yes, I know I am a GenX talking like a boomer about this however I am not inaccurate.

Enjoy the last of your weekend, everyone.

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