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When Biden Bits was posted for Friday, President Biden tweeted 3 times. He added 5 tweets giving him a Friday Tweeting Total of 8 tweets and 0 retweets…

His weekend Tweeting Total is 10 tweets and 0 retweets.

On Friday, President Biden signed into law:

H.R. 7334 COVID-19 EIDL Fraud Statute of Limitations Act of 2022. The bill; establishes a 10-year statute of limitations for criminal charges and civil enforcement against a borrower who engages in fraud with respect to certain COVID-19 economic injury disaster loan programs.


H.R. 7352 PPP and Bank Fraud Enforcement Harmonization Act of 2022. The bill; establishes a 10-year statute of limitations for criminal charges and civil enforcement against a borrower who engages in fraud with respect to a Paycheck Protection Program loan.

He opened his remarks with remarks regarding the July Jobs Report.

The YouTube is 14 minutes and 59 seconds. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: A key driver of our economic recovery is the resurgence of American small business.  Small businesses hire as many people as the — as the major corporations.  We just learned last week that small businesses with less than 50 employees created nearly 3 million jobs in 2021.  Three million.  That’s the most ever in a single year.

President Biden: Since I took office, we’ve created 642,000 American manufacturing jobs in America.  We’ve seen the biggest and the fastest job recovery in American manufacturing history since the ‘50s. And some people may have given up on American manufacturing.  But the American people didn’t, and I know I never did.  That’s why I made it “Make it in America” — that phrase — “Make it in America — the cornerstone of my economic plan. And today’s report proves “Make it in America” isn’t just a slogan, it’s [in] my administration.  It’s a reality.

I have attempted to do the maths required to see just how many manufacturing jobs had been “added” to the economy since President Biden took office. Well, the way they word that section for example: from January 2021’s Jobs Report; Employment in manufacturing changed little over the month (-10,000), following 8 months of growth. Within the industry, durable goods lost 17,000 jobs in January. Employment in manufacturing is up by 803,000 since April but is 582,000 lower than in February…

Means I have to do lots of math and on top of that; not every report words the manufacturing jobs information exactly the same…

President Biden: I’ve also made it a priority to bring down the federal deficit.  After watching my predecessor every single year increase the debt — the federal deficit — every year, for the four years he was in office, I said, “No more.”  The days of exploding federal deficits are over. And I’ve kept my word.  Just take a look at the facts.  The deficit is down a record of $1.7 trillion this year.  That’s right — $1.7 trillion, with a “T”. And that’s on top of a $350 billion reduction to the deficit my first year in office.

President Biden: Well, good afternoon.  Today, we received another outstanding jobs report: 528,000 jobs were added just last month to this country’s employment.  528,000 jobs. We have now nearly doubled what we — we’re almost to 10 million jobs — almost to 10 million jobs since I took office.  And that’s the fastest job growth in history.

Saturday’s Tweets:

Similar quote from Friday’s remarks to tweet text…

President Biden: It also is going to restore some fairness to the tax code by imposing corporate minimum tax of 15 percent on billion-dollar companies.  That will put an end to what we’ve seen in the recent years, where 55 of the largest companies in America — the Fortune 500 — paid zero federal taxes on income over $40 billion combined in profit.

President Biden: This bill is going to reduce the deficit by another $300 billion. And one more point.  This bill will not — let me repeat this: This bill will not — will not raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 a year.

President Biden: Congress acted.  And today, I’m signing two bipartisan bills that will give the federal and local prosecutors more time to hold criminals accountable for defrauding the American people during a once-in-a-century pandemic. Look, the American people deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent as intended. My message to those cheats out there is this: You can’t hide.  We’re going to find you.  We’re going to make you pay back what you stole and hold you accountable under the law.

“Gas” appears in his Friday remarks 4 times…

President Biden: Now, I know people will hear today’s extraordinary jobs report and say they don’t see it, they don’t feel it in their own lives.  I know how hard it is.  I know it’s hard to feel good about job creation when you already have a job and you’re dealing with rising prices, food and gas, and so much more.  I get it. 

President Biden: You know, we’ve seen some progress.  Gas prices are coming down.  They’re down almost a dollar a gallon where — from where they were just a month ago.  And, you know, we’re making progress. We now have more than 50 straight days of falling gas prices in this country. The price at the pump is now less than $3.99 a gallon at more than half of the gas stations in America.

AAA says as of today the national average for one gallon of gas is; $4.059. Around twenty-ish states are seeing the average price for a gallon of gas hovering right around $3.958.

For my area it says the average price is $5.66 this is on the higher end average, my husband bought gas Saturday for $5.19 a gallon.

Sunday’s Tweets:

Again with close to his Friday remarks quote text to tweet text…

President Biden: Three, give working people and the middle class a fighting chance — more than just a little breathing room, a real chance to get ahead — by making their everyday things more affordable and accessible, like healthcare, prescription drug costs, energy, childcare, education, housing, and so much more, because when we lower those costs of all the necessary things, we improve their standard of living.

President Biden: It also is going to restore some fairness to the tax code by imposing corporate minimum tax of 15 percent on billion-dollar companies.  That will put an end to what we’ve seen in the recent years, where 55 of the largest companies in America — the Fortune 500 — paid zero federal taxes on income over $40 billion combined in profit.

President Biden: You know, my dad used to say that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck.  It’s about your dignity.  It’s about respect.  It’s about your place in the community.  And it’s about being able to look your child in the eye and say, “Honey, it’s going to be okay,” and mean it. That’s the economy I’m determined to build today.  That’s the economy I’m looking at. 

Not related to his remarks but is related to the Inflation Reduction Act.

His full statement:

Today, Senate Democrats sided with American families over special interests, voting to lower the cost of prescription drugs, health insurance, and everyday energy costs and reduce the deficit, while making the wealthiest corporations finally pay their fair share.  I ran for President promising to make government work for working families again, and that is what this bill does — period. 
This bill caps seniors’ out of pocket spending for prescription drugs at $2000 per year – no matter what their drug bills would otherwise be, seniors will not have to spend more than $2000.  In addition, 13 million Americans, covered under the Affordable Care Act, will see their health insurance premiums reduced by $800.
This bill tackles inflation by lowering the deficit and lowering costs for regular families.
This bill also makes the largest investment ever in combatting the existential crisis of climate change.  It addresses the climate crisis and strengthens our energy security, creating jobs manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles in America with American workers.  It lowers families’ energy costs by hundreds of dollars each year. 
Finally, it pays for all this by establishing a minimum corporate tax so that our richest corporations start to pay their fair share.  It does not raise taxes on those making under $400,000 a year – not one cent.
I want to thank Leader Schumer and every member of the Senate Democratic caucus for supporting this bill.  It required many compromises.  Doing important things almost always does.   
The House should pass this as soon as possible and I look forward to signing it into law.

White 08/07/2022.

His other tweet for Sunday:

August 4th 2022, KOB 4 reported:

Albuquerque police say they are looking for a single suspect they believe could be responsible for three recent homicide cases – all deadly shootings.

APD’s suspicion begins with the death of 62-year-old Mohammad Ahmadi last November. Officers said they found his body in the back parking lot of his business on San Mateo and Mountain.

Nine months later, on the evening of July 26, APD reportedly found the body of 41-year-old Aftab Hussein near Mesa Verde Park.

Just days after that, police identified a third victim. On Monday, Aug. 1, officers found 27-year-old Muhammad Afzaal Hussain on the sidewalk at Cornell and Lead, near the University of New Mexico.

“Our homicide detectives and our investigators currently believe there’s a strong possibility that the same individual has committed all three of these crimes,” APD Deputy Cmdr. Kyle Hartsock said. 08/04/2022.

On August 6th 2022, KOB 4 reported that police believe another Muslim man who was shot and killed early Saturday is likely connected to the other murders.

Police say another Muslim man has been shot and killed in Albuquerque. They believe his death may be connected to the murders of three other Muslim men in the metro.

The most recent killing happened early Saturday morning. Police say they responded to the area of Truman and Grand just after midnight. Upon arrival, police say they found a Muslim man shot and killed. This happened near San Mateo and was right outside Lutheran Family Services – an organization that helps refugees.

KOB 4 confirmed with multiple people in the Muslim community that the man killed overnight was 25-year-old Naeem Hussain. 08/06/2022.

President Biden’s Public Schedule for Monday, August 8th 2022:

6:20 AMOut-of-Town Pool Call Time
Joint Base AndrewsOut-of-Town Pool
8:30 AMThe President and The First Lady depart Rehoboth Beach, Delaware en route Dover Air Force Base
Out-of-Town Pool
8:55 AMThe President and The First Lady arrive at Dover Air Force Base
Out-of-Town Pool
9:05 AMThe President and The First Lady depart Dover Air Force Base en route Lexington, Kentucky
Out-of-Town Pool
10:45 AMThe President and The First Lady arrive in Lexington, Kentucky
Open Press
11:00 AMThe President and The First Lady depart Lexington, Kentucky en route Chavies, Kentucky
Out-of-Town Pool
11:45 AMThe President and The First Lady arrive in Chavies, Kentucky
Out-of-Town Pool
12:30 PMThe President participates in a briefing on the ongoing response efforts to the recent flooding
Out-of-Town Pool Spray
2:00 PMThe President and The First Lady visit families affected by the devastation from recent flooding and survey impacts and response efforts; The President delivers remarks
Out-of-Town Pool
3:25 PMThe President and The First Lady depart Chavies, Kentucky en route Lexington, Kentucky
Out-of-Town Pool
4:20 PMThe President and The First Lady depart Lexington, Kentucky en route Joint Base Andrews
Out-of-Town Pool
5:00 PMIn-Town Pool Call Time
In-Town Pool
5:30 PMThe President and The First Lady arrive at Joint Base Andrews
Joint Base AndrewsOut-of-Town Pool
5:50 PMThe President and The First Lady arrive at the White House
South Lawn (Gather 5:40 PM – Palm Room Doors)
Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will gaggle aboard Air Force One en route Lexington, Kentucky

His travel comes after he tested negative for the coronavirus on Saturday and Sunday.

President Biden has tweeted…

He has tweeted 2 times so far for Monday…

The fact-sheet:

Sub-Saharan Africa plays a critical role in advancing global priorities to the benefit of Africans and Americans.   It has one of the world’s fastest growing populations, largest free trade areas, most diverse ecosystems, and one of the largest regional voting groups in the United Nations (UN).  It is impossible to meet today’s defining challenges without African contributions and leadership.  The region will factor prominently in efforts to: end the COVID-19 pandemic; tackle the climate crisis; reverse the global tide of democratic backsliding; address global food insecurity; promote gender equity and equality; strengthen an open and stable international system; shape the rules of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber, and emerging technologies; and confront the threat of terrorism, conflict, and transnational crime.  

Building on the Biden-Harris Administration’s actions and commitments to deepen our engagement and partnerships in Africa during the past year, the strategy articulates our new vision for a 21st Century U.S.-African Partnership.  It recognizes the tremendous, positive opportunities that exist to advance shared interests alongside our African partners.  At the same time, we acknowledge that Africa’s potential will continue to be challenged as long as deadly conflicts divide societies, corruption impedes economic progress, food insecurity heightens the risk of famine and malnutrition, and repression stifles human rights and democratic expression.  As President Biden noted in his address to the African Union last year, “none of this is going to be easy but the United States stands ready now to be your partner, in solidarity, support, and mutual respect.”

The new U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa represents a reframing of Africa’s importance to U.S. national security interests.  We will pursue four main objectives in sub-Saharan Africa:

White 08/08/2022.

The United States has an abiding interest in ensuring the region remains open and accessible to all and that governments and publics are able to make their own political choices, consistent with international obligations.  Open societies are generally more inclined to work in common cause with the United States, attract greater U.S. trade and investment, pursue policies to improve conditions for their citizens, and counter harmful activities by the People’s Republic of China, Russia, and other actors.  We will foster openness and open societies, including by:

  • Promoting government transparency and accountability
  • Increasing our focus on rule of law, justice, and dignity
  • Assisting African countries to more transparently leverage their natural resources for sustainable development

The region’s commitment and capacity to renew its democracies, as well as anticipate, prevent, and address emerging and long running conflicts, can lead to more favorable outcomes for Africans and Americans.  By simultaneously addressing these challenges and reaffirming that democracy delivers tangible benefits, the United States can offer positive choices to Africans as they determine their own future.  We will help Africa deliver democratic and security dividends, including by:

  • Working with allies and regional partners to stem the recent tide of authoritarianism and military takeovers
  • Backing civil society, empowering marginalized groups, centering the voices of women and youth, and defending free and fair elections
  • Improving the capacity of African partners to advance regional stability and security
  • Reducing the threat from terrorist groups to the U.S. Homeland, persons, and diplomatic and military facilities

It is essential to address two of the region’s most pressing problems: the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant economic and social consequences.  These challenges have been compounded by supply chain problems and food insecurity stemming from Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.  The United States is committed to working with regional governments and international partners to build more stable and inclusive African economies.  We will advance pandemic recovery and economic opportunity, including by:

  • Prioritizing policies and programs to end the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and build capacities to increase preparedness for the next health threat
  • Supporting manufacturing initiatives for vaccines and other medical countermeasures
  • Promoting a stronger growth trajectory and debt sustainability to support the region’s economic recovery, including through the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII), Prosper Africa, Power Africa, Feed the Future, and a new initiative for digital transformation
  • Partnering with African countries to rebuild human capital and food systems that were further weakened by the pandemic and Russia’s war against Ukraine

Africa’s efforts to conserve and restore the continent’s ecosystems and rich natural resources— while also realizing energy access and energy security goals, diversifying its energy mix, and building sustainable supply chains—are central to tackling the global climate crisis.  Although the region is responsible for extremely low emissions per capita, it stands to suffer from some of the most severe effects of climate change.  We will support conservation, climate adaptation, and a just energy transition, including by:

  • Partnering with governments, civil society, and local communities to conserve, manage, and restore the continent’s rich natural ecosystems
  • Supporting countries in their efforts to minimize and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate, including enhancing community, economic, and supply chain resilience 
  • Working closely with countries to accelerate their just transitions to a clean energy future, energy access, and energy security
  • Pursuing public-private partnerships to sustainably develop and secure the critical minerals that will supply clean energy technologies

The fact-sheet opened with a link to the 17 page PDF; U.S. Strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa.

President Biden: That bill will lower prescription drug costs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices.  Lower drug prices.  That’s something the American people have pro- — been promised for years, for decades, and we’re on the verge of finally getting that done.

The press briefing already happened aboard Air Force One. It’s audio only and cued to when the briefing starts.

President Biden’s remarks are scheduled for 2:20 p.m. D.C., time.

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