What would the Founders think?

Today has brought us a plethora of strangeness.

I often wonder what the Founders of this great Republic would think of what we have become (cue wavy dream transition):

JM: “A-Ham, did you hear what the President just said about the Electoral College?”

AH: “Did my ears deceive me, Jimbo, or is the President of the United States, an office that we so carefully crafted deliberately NOT to be one that a demagogue could ever attain, now suggesting that we should use a popular vote to elect him?”

TJ: “He did, indeed.”

AH: “How could someone so ignorant of the dangers of democracy have become the President?”

BF: “It’s the people, Alex. We always knew it would be the people. We had our doubts about them being able to keep it.”

AH: “But, Mr. F, we provided them with such clear instructions on how a self-governing system could work! Did you all see how many pages I wrote and the detail of it all?”

JM: “Yes, I was there.”

AH: “Maybe we should have used less words and drew pictures instead.”

GW: “Now, Alexander, it can’t be that bad.”

AH: “No? Do you see who they are now holding up as a great political philosopher? It’s not Jim, and it’s not me…heck, it’s not TJ,  Ben or even you, Big George! They are going all ga-ga over some dude named Kanye, who does something called rapping!”

TJ: “Oh yes, I hear he is really profound and wise, one of my favorites is his advise, ‘Do what you feel not what you think. Thoughts have been placed in our heads to make everyone assimilate. Follow what you feel.'”

AH: “So the idea that the difference between man and beast is that of the ability of man to think and reason…that’s all nonsense and should be tossed aside?”

JM: “Now you’re getting it, A-Man!”

AH: “That would also explain why the Republicans are propping up those two social media stars, Diamond and Silk, as voices of reason?”

BF: “Precisely.”

AH: “I’m beginning to see how they ended up with a choice between two of the worst possible people in the nation, Jimbo.”

JM: “Well, as we explained in Federalist Paper 95, Al, it’s a binary choice.”

(cue back to reality wavy dream transition)

Have we all lost our minds?

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