Witch Hunt

President Trump took to twitter this morning, surprising no one to express his unhappiness with the legal raid conducted on his long time personal attorney Michael Cohen’s office and hotel room, you can find more on that story here, Cohen Raided

Now on with the Tweets:

Is It?

Doubtful according to a NBC story which you can read here, NBC

“It is not enough for the government to just show that these privileged communications between Cohen and a client might provide evidence of a crime. Rather, the communication itself must have been in furtherance of, and intended to facilitate the crime, in order to strip these communications of the protections of privilege.”

President Trump did receive some push back from ‘attorneys’ on twitter,

Even George Conway an attorney and the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, sub tweeted President Trump’s tweet, with the DOJ’s legal standard when issuing a warrant on a law practice or attorney,

Tweet Number 2:

Stable Genius Indeed


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