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On Saturday the New York Times published an article: “Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met with Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election.”

The article details a meeting that took place on August 3rd, 2016 at Trump Tower. Those in attendance brought together by Erik Prince, according to the Times. Joel Zamel, an Israeli Specialist in social media manipulation. An emissary to two wealth Arab princes, George Nader.

Donald Trump Jr’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas issued a statement, “prior to the 2016 election Donald Trump Jr. recalls a meeting with Erik Prince, George Nader, and another individual who may be Joel Zamel. They pitched to Mr. Trump Jr. on a social media platform or marketing strategy. He was not interested and that was the end of that.”

There are reportedly seventeen lawyers that have been appointed by Robert Mueller, a life long registered republican, who was appointed to lead the FBI in 2001 by President G. W. Bush, was asked in 2011 to remain another two years passed his ten year mark, by President B. Obama, the senate approved the request in July of 2011. Of those Seventeen lawyers, nine have donated to democratic candidates, one is a self-identified democrat, three are registered democrats, four have no party affiliation.

March 4th, Benghazi committee issues a subpoena for Hillary Clinton’s emails in regards to just prior to and right after the September 11th Benghazi terror attack.

Between March 25th-31st, 2015, an employee for The Platte River Networks uses Bleachbit software to delete Hillary Clinton’s email archive estimated between 31,000-33,000 emails.

The Federal Election Commission has no record that Hillary Clinton donated to McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe. McCabe had sought a senate seat in Virginia, she lost the 2015 election.

In The New York Times article mentioned above they explain that investigators have questioned witnesses in Washington, New York, Atlanta, Tel Aviv and elsewhere, “about what foreign help may have been pledged or accepted, and about whether any such assistance was coordinated with Russia, according to witnesses and others with knowledge of the interviews.”

In the summer of 2016 the DNC, which is a private company’s sever was hacked, according to investigators Russia was behind the hacked server. James Comey has stated that the DNC refused their request for the server instead they used Crowdstrike. The FBI had no warrant to demand the release of the server. The FBI did have a warrant granted to them by a federal judge to search and collect electronic devices, of Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen.

Tony Podesta in October 2017 resigned from a lobbying firm he co-founded, the Podesta Group. While no charges have been filed, the firm’s records were subpoenaed when ties between Rick Gates, and Paul Manafort were discovered.

See the @ New York Times article linked above.

As The News Blender reported Sunday President Trump is now demanding an investigation into the, as reported by The New York Times, FBI operation called Crossfire Hurricane.

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