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On Friday in Jubaland, Somalia, as a result of an enemy attack, one U.S. Special Operations member was killed, four U.S. service members and one partner force member were wounded, the United States Africa Command said in a statement, names are being withheld pending next of kin notification.

In an updated statement on Saturday, the United States Africa command said the U.S. servicemen wounded have been treated and discharged. The statement also says, the names are still being withheld as part of the next of kin notification process and asks everyone to respect the privacy of the family of the fallen solider.

The Newsblenders thoughts are with the friends and family of the fallen solider, may he Rest in Peace.


President Trump held a press conference in Canada before leaving for the North Korea summit with Kim Jong un that is scheduled to take place on June 12th, in Singapore.


He opens the press conference with thanking Canada for hosting the event, rips trade deals, blames all the past admins for how bad those trade deals for the U.S. have been. He goes on to say he doesn’t blame other countries for our bad trade deals.

At the 4:05 minute mark he says, “I don’t blame them for so crazily being able to make these trade deals that were so good for their country and so bad for the United States, but those days are over.”

At the 4:13 he talks about the Summit he says he’ll be on a “mission of peace.”

At the 4:33 mark he says, “we really think that North Korea will be a tremendous place in a very short period of time.”

At the 5:17 he takes questions from the gather press.

At the 5:20 asked what is in his gut as he embarks on what maybe the most important meeting of his life, does he have “nerves of steel or butterflies?”

He replies at 5:28 minute mark, “well it’s always everything.” He adds at the 5:40 minute mark, he feels Kim Jon un, “wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won’t have that opportunity again.” Still answering the first question he says at the 6:19 minute mark, “it’s a one time shot.”

At the 7:00 minute mark he’s asked if allowing Russia back into the G7 summit was discussed in the meeting, and if he’s spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin and if President Trump expects to meet him in Vienna this summer.

At the 7:06 minute mark he replies, “I haven’t spoken to Vladimir Putin in awhile,” he continues, “it has been discussed we didn’t do votes or anything, but it has been discussed.”

At the 7:19 minute mark he adds, “this use to be the G8, not the G7, and then something happened awhile ago where Russia is no longer in.” He continues at the 7:28 minute mark he says, “I think it would be an asset to have Russia back in, I think it would be good for the world, for Russia, for the United States, I think it would be good for all the countries of the current G7.”

At the 7:55 minute mark a reporter says, “you said this was a positive meeting, but from the outside it seemed quite contentious, the reporter adds, “I believe you raised the idea of a tariff free G7.”

At the 8:05 minute mark President Trump says, “I did. That’s the way it should be, no tariffs, no barriers, that’s the way it should be and no subsidies.” He once again blames past American Presidents for failing to make better trade deals.

At the 10:07 minute mark he says, “we are like the piggy bank that everybody’s robbing and that ends.”

At the 10:27 minute mark he invites Larry Kudlow up to say a few words about the subject of free trade, tariffs, and barriers.

Kudlow explains that he’s not sure if they were surprised for the announced of no barriers, but adds, “I myself was particularly gratified to hear my president to talk about free trade.”

President Trump resumes speaking at the 11:20 minute mark mentioning how it’s unfair to our farmers whether it’s barriers or high tariffs that make impossible.

At the 11:53 minute mark President Trump is asked about the countries statements about retaliating against U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs, he answers, “if they retaliate their are making a mistake.”

At the 12:26 minute mark he adds, “the difference is they do so much more business with us than we do with them, that we can’t lose that, you understand.”

At the 13:36 asked a question about NAFTA President Trump says, “two things can happened with NAFTA.” the first, is for us to stay in the deal with the both Mexico and Canada with big changes or to make a deal directly with Canada and separately make a deal with Mexico. He adds if a deal is not made that it would, “be a bad thing for Canada and for Mexico.”

At the 15:00 minute mark a Politico reporter shifts back to Russia and asks, “Do you think Crimea should be recognized as Russia at this point?”

At the 15:06 minute mark he says, “you know you’ll have to ask President Obama because he’s the one that let Crimea get away, that was during his administration. And he’s the one that let Russia go and spend a lot of money on Crimea and rebuilt it, I guess they have their submarine port there, but Crimea was let go during the Obama administration.” He adds “I may have had a much different attitude.”

At the 15:44 asked again about his willingness to let Russia back into the G7 President Trump answers, “I’d rather see Russia in the G8 as opposed to the G7, I would say the G8 is a more meaningful group than the G7, absolutely.”

At the 16:00 minute asked what if any argument was made against the U.S. using national security as a reason to raise tariffs he replies, “They virtually didn’t even make that case. My case is the fact that it is national security, it’s our balance sheet, it’s our strength, it absolutely is national security, just take a look at our balance sheet, We are going to have a very strong balance sheet very soon, because of what I’m doing.”

At the 17:52 minute mark after being asked about the reported shift of alliances between our allies, Canada, Mexico, Europe, to the less friendly China, North Korea, President Trump asks the reporter where he’s from the reporter replies CNN, he says, “I figured fake news CNN, the worst, but I could tell by the question, I had no idea who you were with.”

At the 18:05 minute mark he answers the question, “I would say the level of relationship is a ten. We have a great relationship, I would say the relationship is a ten.” He once again blames our past leaders for allowing this to happen. There is no reason for this to happen. No reason we should have big trade deficits with virtually every country.” He adds he’s going beyond the G7, “it’s the fault of the people that preceded me and I’m not just saying President Obama, I’m going back a long way.”

At the 19:07 minute mark still answering the question he says, ” And I don’t blame these people, but I will blame them if they don’t act smart and do what they have to do, because they have no choice, I’ll be honest with you they have no choice, they are either going to make the trades fair, because our farmers have been hurt, our workers have been hurt, our companies have moved out to Mexico, and other countries including Canada. Now we are going to fix that situation and if it’s not fixed we aren’t going to deal with these countries, but the relationship I have had is great.”

He is asked when will he know if Kim Jong un is serious about denuclearization, at the 23:17 minute mark he replies, “Within the first minute, I’ll know,” asked how he replies, “my touch, my feel, that’s–that’s what I do.”

The last question asked at the 25:55 minute mark he is asked how come he attacks the press both at home and on foreign soil.

He answers, “The U.S. press is very dishonest much of it not all of it.” He adds “they don’t cover stories they way they are suppose to be, they don’t even report them in many cases.” Continuing he adds, “I came up with the term Fake News, it’s a lot of fake news, but at the same time I have great respect for many of the people in the press.”

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