Lawyers Split From Another Lawyer

On Wednesday first reported by ABC news, Michael Cohen, one-time personal attorney of President Trump, has parted, (maybe) ways with his legal team.

The move has sparked speculation that Cohen, who is under investigation for alleged bank fraud, and wire fraud, is ready to cut a deal with federal investigators.

In April, pursuant to a federal warrant, the FBI seized, what is estimated to be millions of documents, from his hotel, law office, and electronic devices.

The raid brought the ire of President Trump

The raid also led to the revelation that Fox News show host Sean Hannity, was a client of Cohen’s.

Not long after the raid it was also revealed through a document drop via tweet, that several companies had hired Cohen with the hope that he might give them inside knowledge or connection to the Trump administration.

Judge Kimba Wood who is over seeing the Michael Cohen legal fight to halt federal prosecutors taint team from reviewing the documents, in late April assigned a special master Barbara Jones to review the documents for attorney client-privilege.

Based on reports, so far Jones has only found that a very small fraction of the thousands of reviewed documents fall under attorney-client privilege.

The rumored split also comes just two days before Judge Kimba Wood’s imposed deadline for the review of the documents to be finished by both Cohen’s attorney’s, Stephen Ryan, and Todd Harrison, and Jones, any item not reviewed by Friday, is expected to be turned over to the taint team.

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