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But not to find one?

The News Blender reported on Monday morning about the Supreme Court ruling, and while the baker did win his case, the order was very narrow in scope.

CBS Sports  has a timeline of events about the Eagles visit to the White House being cancelled.


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For the record, the Eagles players were not among those that knelt during the 2017/2018 NFL season.

Pictured conerback Ron Brooks, he played six games for the Eagles in 2016 and was cut by the Eagles in August 2017 and has been out of the NFL since.

Fox News also reportedly incorrectly about a kneeling player from the Eagles team

and has since deleted the tweet and apologized to the player.

Why it Matters 

To steal from our own Lenny Ghoul who said it better than I could: “Faux Patriotism is the worst kind of Dictatorship.”

May 20th, the President demanded via tweet that the Department of Justice look into whether or not there was a “spy” inside his campaign placed there by President Obama. In response to the Presidents request, the IG (Inspector General) had the scope of his investigation widened. As we reported @ The News Blender at the time.

As a reminder the NFL players weren’t required to be on the sidelines during the National Anthem until 2009, they did have the option prior to 2009.

The News Blender for why Jeff Sessions recused himself.

The News Blender for the pressure Jeff Sessions is under to reverse that decision.

For thoughts on the summit @ The News Blender

NASCAR season is well on it’s way, Congrats to Truex Jr for being the 2017 Champion.

NBC News points out there is no law separating families at the border, it’s policy, that DHS has had, if a parent at the border is jailed the children are taken to a separate location. Jeff Session’s announced in April, the policy would be a zero tolerance policy come illegally across our border, you’ll be detained.

NBC notes that in 2008 a law passed and signed into law by President Bush, deals with minors that illegally cross our border without a parent or guardian, “known as unaccompanied minors. That law calls for releasing children into the “least restrictive setting” — often to family or a government-run shelter — while their cases slowly wind through immigration court.”

CA on Tuesday (today) is holding their primaries.

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