New Charges Filed Against Paul Manafort

On Friday Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed two additional charges against Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, and Manfort’s longtime associate Kantatantin Kilmink.

Last week as was covered @ The News Blender, Mueller had filed a request for a hearing to revoke Manfort’s conditional release of house arrest, alleging Manafort was attempting to tamper with two material witnesses.

From the unsealed indictment the new charges against both Manafort and Kilmink, include Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice.

From the indictment

Count Six (Obstruction of Justice) and Count 7 (Conspriacy to Obstruct Justice) (pg 29)

Prosecutors allege that from in or about February 23rd, 2018 and April 2018, “both dates being approximate and inclusive,” that within the District of Columbia and elsewhere that the defendants  “knowingly and intentionally attempted to persuade Persons D1 and D2,  “with the intent to influence, delay, and prevent testimony of any person in an official proceeding.”

Manafort has already been charged with, conspiracy against the U.S., conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading Foreign Agents Registration Act statements, and false statements.

Manafort has denied all charges he faces in both D.C. and Virginia. When reached for comment regarding the new charges, Manafort, through his spokesman, via CBS News, said “Manafort and his attorney’s are reviewing the new charges.”

This is a developing story more will follow as it’s made available.

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