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Harley Davidson announced on Monday that it plans to shift some of it’s production outside of the U.S. in order to avoid European Union tariffs Bloomberg reported Monday. The new levies on imported U.S. bikes went from 6% to 31% and began June 22nd, adding about $2,200 more to the cost of each motorcycle. According to Harley this is going to cost the company about $90 million to $100 million annually, as the company plans to absorb the cost rather than pass extra costs on to customers.

CNN Money reported Monday that the company did not say if jobs were at risk. The Milwaukee based company employs 5,800 workers and makes the majority of its motorcycles in the U.S. in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. The company also has plants in Brazil, India, and Australia.

Jimmy Fallon has responded

On Thursday the House failed to pass Rep Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) immigration bill, the vote, 193 for, 231 against.

The Washington Examiner reported on Sunday that President Trump first tweeted the wrong Clay Higgins.

Rep Clay Higgins (R-LA 3rd District) is the incumbent.

In Louisiana, all candidates regardless of party affiliation run in the general election. Candidates have until July 20, 2018 to file, the general election will be held November 6th, 2018, if needed a run-off election will be held December 8th, 2018. Info provided by, Ballotpedia

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave The Red Hen Restaurant by the owner

The owner spoke with The Washington Post and explained that for her as the business owner she felt that Sanders presence went against the restaurants moral beliefs.


*End Flashback*


*End Flashback*

Due Process: 5th Admen in the Constitution explained @ Cornell Law

Bonus Tweet: Retweeted by President Trump

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