The Big Question From Today’s Rosenstein/Wray Hearing

Congressman Trey Gowdy. Congressman Jim Jordan.

Was there bias from the investigators and did that affect the investigation?

After watching that hearing for 5.5 hours, I can affirmatively conclude that the extreme bias from the lead investigators was real and it most definitely has affected the investigation.

Yep, the absurd antics of the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee provided all of the evidence that we need that their investigation is completely dictated by their bias. Could there be any more proof when someone as nutty as Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) appears more rational than the likes of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)?

I really loathe the position the Trump-corrupted GOP has put me in.

As they rattled on about the bias of the FBI lovers’ text messages, and how unbelievable it is to them that people that are so biased could be involved in investigations, they were completely oblivious to how their own bias was affecting their own investigation.

Mind you, the thorough DOJ IG report looked at whether the bias displayed in the text messages of the FBI lovers in any way affected the actual investigation and it was determined that there was no evidence of that. But that didn’t stop all of the outrageous rhetoric from the biased Republicans who were incredulous about it and resorted to stating that maybe the investigation wasn’t directly affected, but the IG did not say it wasn’t indirectly affected.


I’ve made this point a hundred times before, and I’m sure I’ll make it a hundred times more…

Everybody on the planet, for the entire history (and future) of mankind, is biased.

You, me, Gowdy, Jordan, Rosenstein, and yes, the FBI lovers, and every other FBI agent in service. Every one of us are biased, based on our own beliefs, knowledge and experiences. That is simply a part of human nature and there is absolutely no way around that.

To suggest that investigations should not have any biased people is to suggest that there should never be any investigations. It’s ludicrous.

The only thing that we can do is put checks and balances into our systems and institutions to control for it the best we can. In the case of our intelligence community, they are fully trained to be aware and cognizant of their own biases and to account for that in their actions. Then, if there is any suspicion that bias played a role in their actions, we investigate it to determine if that was the case. Which is exactly what happened.

Unless we develop androids that are devoid of human nature and the biases that comes with it to conduct all of our investigations, then recognizing and accounting for it is our only option.

Yes, but we have caught the FBI lovers red-handed to prove their bias! So what? That only shows they are biased, which, as I have already stated, we already knew…because everyone is biased. If we had access to all of Gowdy’s and Jordan’s thoughts, texts, and conversations, there is no doubt we would have similar proof of their own bias. Still, that someone is biased is not the problem. The problem occurs when that bias adversely dictates their actions. You know, like all of the Republicans demonstrated remarkably for us during the hearing.

Trey Gowdy especially disappoints me because I know that he knows better. The way he talked about the Mueller investigation going on too long and that Rosenstein needs to “finish it the hell up” no matter where the investigation stands, is completely and utterly disingenuous. Gowdy knows how these investigations work. He knows that in comparison to other investigations (including his own Benghazi investigation) that Mueller is not taking an inordinate amount of time…especially when you consider all of the indictments and guilty pleas he’s already received (compared, again, to the results that Gowdy obtained from the Benghazi investigation). Gowdy needs to “shut the hell up.”

For these guys to sit up there pontificating and disparaging Rosenstein and Wray and the DOJ/FBI as being responsible for the public’s distrust of government is laughable. Yes, most of us have a certain level of distrust of all government agencies and departments, and we certainly saw corruption at the DOJ during the Obama years. However, if I were to pick one part of government that has contributed most to the total collapse of any faith the people have had in the federal government, it would have to be Congress, the very people spewing their crap and pointing their fingers. It’s disgusting.

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