TNB Night Owl – The Singing Nun

Sister Cristina Scuccia on Battle Rounds. Photo by Dane Alegana.

This one’s fairly straightforward.  It’s a contestant on The Voice.

But because it’s the Night Owl, it’s the ITALIAN Voice.

Oh, and it’s a nun.

Want to guess the song she chose?

Hit the closed captioning button at the bottom right corner for the full effect.

The singer in question is an actual nun.  She just likes to sing.  The first person who turned around is Italy’s version of Eminem, and she’d said she would choose as a mentor the first to turn around, so she went with him.

It’s obvious from the video that the four mentors were inspired to turn around as much by the audience reaction as by her voice… but the reactions are still priceless.  It was Italy’s Susan Boyle moment.

In case you’re one of the handful unfamiliar with Susan Boyle, you missed one of the international video clip sensations of 2009:

Back to Sister Cristina Scuccia, though…

For all that we hear about the growing antipathy toward the church, particularly in Europe, there was a room full of people who were stunned there was a nun on stage… and who were utterly delighted when she knocked an unexpected song out of the park.  No matter the denomination, no matter whether they were devout, an atheist or somewhere in between, they were on their feet and cheering for her that night.

This is a little bit of happiness, going into the weekend.

So, for a question of the night… what’s something that makes you happy?

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