Enough is Enough! It’s Time For This Clown To Go.

President Trump and Vladimir Putin, 2018 Russia–United States summit. Helsinki, Finland. Image Capture by TNB.

The President of the United States just stood up in front of the world and announced that he trusts Russian President Putin over our own U.S. Intelligence Community. Somebody please, please write a rebuttal to this and explain to me how that is not gross treachery to the United States.

This is more than a disgrace. We’ve reached insanely dangerous territory now.

Earlier, I collaborated with Alien and Lenny on a satirical piece about Trump’s secret meeting with Putin. I believed that not much would come of this meeting and that it would simply be used as a hyped-up event that accomplishes nothing for the United States, just like everything else he has done.

But this has turned into so much more. So much worse than we had even imagined it. The reporters asked some very pointed questions of both Trump and Putin, and the responses were incredible.

I believe they were the type of responses that would suggest an immediate resignation from SOS Pompeo and National Security Adviser Bolton. If they do not resign or come out strongly against this, they are fully complicit in this disastrously incompetent mess.

Likewise, the Republicans who continue to support Trump and refuse to stand up and speak out forcefully against this are just as culpable.

This cannot stand.

The entire intelligence community has repeatedly stated that the Russians were very aggressive in their interference and hacking into our election processes, with high confidence. The Senate committee investigating it concurred with that conclusion. The Mueller team just indicted 12 Russian government operatives with an amazing level of detail in their illegal actions.

Yet, Trump continued with this ill-advised meeting with Putin and threw our intelligence agencies under the bus in the process.

But no worries, everyone, Russia did a fantastic job with the World Cup!

Republicans, it’s time to make a decision. You’ve blown every other decision regarding Trump up to this point…will you blow this one as well?

Unfortunately, I believe you will, and therefore, you will fully deserve the coming storm. And I will welcome it.

An open note to Rush: Enough. You’ve had your fun. This is much more than “trolling the media” or making liberals’ heads explode. This is serious stuff. Knock it off.

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