Saturday and Sunday Trump Tweets

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In the 3 minute and 2 second video President Trump talks about 9/11 and the creation of ICE.


Tom Homan retired as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief end of June. On Saturday Homan appeared on the Fox News show Water’s World.

It’s unclear what poll he is referencing, though a guess is the recently released WSJ/NBC poll that showed the President’s popularity among republicans was 88 percent, they polled 900 people. There’s a Gallup poll that shows he has about an 85 percent popularity among republicans, they polled an estimated 1500 people.

While President Trump is correct that he does have higher support within his party for the same time frame as President Reagan did from his party, President Reagan was average of 79%. There is no way to judge his comparison to President Lincoln as the U.S. did not start polling President Job approval ratings until the 1930’s.

Michael Cohen’s tweet is from July 2017.


May 2018 “Michael Cohen is an honest man”

July 2018 “He is a liar he’s been a liar his whole life.”

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Editors note: While the video for some reason isn’t appearing in full in the tweet, if you hit play it is the full video.

The Washington Post confirmation tracker

176 positions have no nominee

4 awaiting official nomination

159 officially nominated awaiting confirmation

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April 2017

January 2018

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Sunday July 2018

Bonus Tweet from Friday

July 31st Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort’s trial is expected to start. He faces several charges, including Money Laundering. The New York Times has the charges listed by count there are 32 charges. Manafort’s trial is expected to last at least three weeks, after which he faces other court trail in D.C. that is set for September.

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