Debunking QAnon

Nobody knows who Q is, but he matters.  He has developed a following of millions, people who eagerly take what he says as the only real truth.

“Q” first posted as on the online site 4chan, later moving to 8chan.  Since his arrival, various reporters have attempted to discover the identity of Q, with no success.  4Chan is known for a few things, most notably trolling activity and anonymity.  8Chan is basically a splinter from 4Chan with a focus toward millennials.  Because of the many crass jokes, offensive imagery and flamewars that arise from the two Chan communities, his message needed to be translated to other platforms before it could be presented to the Trump-loving portion of the American populace.

QAnon has grown out of the original Q posts, and it has a variety of definitions, depending on who you ask.  For some, QAnon is the same as Q: the “Anon” simply indicates he’s anonymous.  For others, QAnon is the core group of promoters who moved the original Q posts onto prominent media locations like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.  For others, QAnon is the name given to the thousands who believe in Q’s assertions.  For yet others, QAnon is the name given to the conspiracy theories that Q peddles.

Ultimately, though, Q’s identity – or even Q’s existence as anything more than a creation of a few prominent conspiracy theorists (which is a suspicion of some researchers) – doesn’t really matter.  What matters is what Q says.

As a generalization, here is the QAnon theory:

The Deep State exists in large part as a mechanism to protect a giant pedophilia conspiracy, where the rich and powerful buy children for sexual slavery.  Trump is the hero who is willing to fight back against the pedophiles.  For that reason, they are attempting to destroy him.  But Trump and his secret partner Robert Mueller (along with aid from key figures in the Trump administration) are getting the evidence they need to expose Hillary, Obama, and most other prominent Democrats and send them to jail. 

By trying to create a “unified theory” of various current conspiracy theories, Q is a strong promoter of Deep State theory, and Pizzagate, and the Seth Rich Murder theory, and more.  People who already believe in one or more of the theories are the focus of recruiting efforts.  These supporters flag each other at political rallies by holding Q signs, or describing themselves as “The Storm” on Facebook or on Twitter with WWG1WGA hashtags.

WWG1WGA translates to “Where We Go One, We Go All”.  Think about that for a moment.  If you believe it makes sense, please explain it in the comment section below.  “The Storm”, at least, refers to an actual statement by President Trump:

And that is the key to all of it.  Q – short for “Q clearance”, a special level of clearance above Top Secret – claims to have inside information proving that President Trump is a master intelligence who is fighting the Deep State influences.   Trump is honest, and he is willing to fight the Deep State for the American people he loves so very much.

On the surface, since the QAnon followers hate pedophiles so much, it would in theory be easy to pry them away from their reflexive support of Trump by pointing out that Trump has been famously accused of sex with an underage girl at a party of Jeffrey Epstein‘s, has spoken appreciatively of his underage daughter and has admitted on national radio to having walked into the dressing rooms of naked beauty pageant contestants – while some of the teens at his pageants claim to have been the victims of such behavior.

However, for such revelations to have any effect on them, the statements would have to be believable… and they are not.  The strength of QAnon lies in this simple equation:

Anything that supports Trump = Truth.  Everything that does not support Trump = Lie.

This is why, even when Trump contradicts himself, it doesn’t matter.  When Trump says something that damages himself, it is a lie, something thrown out to distract the Deep State while he gets work done.  It’s not that Trump is always honest, it is that he is always good.

It is also why, after Q has made predictions that have not come true (and, generally, have not even had any aspect of them borne out) the followers still believe in him completely.

A true believer in QAnon is therefore impervious to any evidence you may present against their position, and they draw strength from the simple existence of other believers.  Eventually they may reverse course, but it will happen of their own accord.  Nothing you say or do can possibly convince them.

With a recognition of exactly what QAnon is, the willingness of President Trump to meet with one of its most aggressive and prominent promoters becomes very understandable.

These are people who worship him as infallible and pure – exactly the sort of followers that a believer in race-horse theory would adore.  They are the true Trump Cult.

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