I’m Over You, Ted

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas speaking at the National Federation of Republican Women. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Dear Ted,

Sometimes in life, two people just grow apart. What at first can seem like an extremely compatible relationship, can eventually turn into something that can no longer be ignored.

When we first met, you said all of the right things and your actions fit your words.

Having been lied to and cheated on by so many over the years, I thought you were different from all of the others.

My friends and family got tired of me talking about you. I shared all of the letters and videos that you sent to me. I even introduced you to my son when you were in town…he liked you. He’s going to be so disappointed.

I defended you and supported you when you stood alone on the stage and former friends jeered and booed you. I was so proud that you stood tall.

When you first started to stray, I think deep down that I knew what was happening. But I stayed with you. I defended you. I rationalized your actions. My friends and family told me that they had suspicions about you from the beginning, but I blew them off. You had never let me down before, so I gave you a pass.

As your dalliances with the others continued, more and more blatantly, I could no longer ignore or rationalize it. When it was revealed that you dined at the other person’s house, it was “the final straw”.

I was heartbroken.

I decided to stop taking your calls, and explained that I missed “the old Ted”…I was sure he was still in there and I wanted him back. But until then, I asked that you stop calling me. When you didn’t stop, I simply stopped answering, hoping you’d get the hint.

I thought I could change you. I thought your true feelings were still with me.

But your latest fling…actually inviting the other person into your home for a public embrace on national television has gone too far.

You are humiliating everyone who loves you and you don’t seem to care.

I will no longer wait for you to come back. Yet you still call, asking for my support. It seems that you only ever wanted one thing from me.

Please stop calling.

I’m over you, Ted.


A Jilted Voter

Cruz asked Trump to campaign for him in Texas Senate race

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