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Space Force 

Axios — White House officials tell Axios that they were surprised when Trump 2020 campaign blasted out an email fundraising off the roll-out of Space Force shortly after Vice President Pence’s announcement, “We had an objectively good roll out…and then the campaign does that and makes it all look like a joke. It was done with zero White House input. Campaign went rogue.”

Michael Glassner the chief operating officer for the Trump 2020 Campaign told Axios, that they “decided to celebrate the president’s innovation and include our supporters in the spirit of it by having them vote on the best caricature logo from six options, which are of course completely unofficial.”

As a reminder these are the “logos” according to Glassner, the winning design will go on t-shirts and be sold on-line and at events 

Roll The Tape, Again? 

Politico — Once again Omarosa and her recordings are back in the news, this time sources with “whom she discussed,” both the recordings and the phone call she record tell Politico, “she’s got Javanka on tape, too.” Javanka aka Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, are said to have called Omarosa after her firing to offer her their, “condolences.” As The News Blender reported on Sunday and again on Monday, Omarosa has already released publicly two of the audio recordings she made in secret. 

Calling for An Investigation 

Campaign Legal Center — The government watchdog group, CLC, has filed a complaint with the Inspector General and has asked for them to investigate whether or not Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, has, “violated criminal laws prohibiting conflicts of interest and made false statements” during the course of his work as Commerce Secretary. The complaint is one-hundred-fifteen pages long with the last several pages being footnotes and sources. In summary of their complaint CLC explains, “CLC explained that Ross has not accounted for 46 assets that he pledged to divest. In addition, CLC noted that Ross has interests in other shipping companies potentially affected by his activities in the government.” 

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