TNB Night Owl–Poop Coffee

Roasted coffee beans. Photo by Mark Sweep.

September 29th is National Coffee Day. Millions of people worldwide enjoy at least one cup of this tasty beverage a day, sometimes more. When a drink is that beloved, people get creative in finding the tastiest cup.

Enter Cat Poop Coffee. Technically, it’s not from cat poop, but from the poop of the palm civet of Indonesia. These little cat-like animals love coffee beans and will eat only the ripest and choicest of cherries from the coffee plants. Once inside their digestive system, the cherries are digested and the center bean is subjected to a strange digestive process. After the civets defecate the bean farmers will completely clean the inner beans and send them to roasting. The resulting coffee beans create Kopi Luwak coffee which, priced at about $35 dollars a cup, is supposedly some of the most delicious coffee known to man.

And, as what happens when you have something unusual and pricey like that, you have people who want to take it one step further. Enter Black Ivory Coffee. Made by a similar process, this time it is pooped out by elephants on a Thai farm, the beans then washed and harvested by local high school students. A cup of this will cost you about $50…if you can find a coffee shop that serves it.

I cannot stop myself from wondering which animal they’ll pick to “harvest” the coffee next. But if a non-fecal cup is more your speed, many places offer free or discounted cups to celebrate today.

Question(s) of the night: What is your favorite way to enjoy coffee? Or do you prefer tea?

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